How D Raja spoilt the entire plan of Congress by getting caught meeting Justice Chelameswar!

Yesterday was a day which revealed the true faces of many judges. It showed how the Supreme Court judges were so biased and did not care to malign the country’s most important institution. They literally brought down the dignity of the institution going public complaining about the Chief Justice of India.

But as expected, the press meet looked more of a publicity stunt and lacked any genuine concern. The President of the Supreme Court Bar association also slammed the 4 judges for going to media to discredit the judiciary without having anything substantial to say. He said the press conference was ill-planned and it was an attempt to shake the people’s faith in the country’s highest court. His words were indeed a slap in the face of the judges.

But, this so called press conference by the judges was not really held to convey their problems but it was more of a political game with big masters operating behind. The clear indication was how the Congress jumped into action to blame the government and CJI for ignoring the concerns of the judges. They dragged in Justice Loya’s death within no time and blamed BJP indirectly. Apparently it looked like a political opportunism for the Congress to ultimately blame the Modi government.

But their entire plan was spoilt by D Raja, the leftist leader. D Raja without thinking went ahead to meet Justice chelameswar in his residence just minutes after the press conference. This raised huge controversy and blew the lid that it was  apolitical game orchestrated by a few. This was a biggest self goal by the Congress’s ally. The Republic TV was quick enough to catch hold D Raja while he was meeting Chelameswar. The left leader accepted that he discussed about the problems in the Supreme Court with Chelameswar which is against moral conduct for any judge to personally meet a political leader for issues pertaining to judiciary.  This was something the Congress never wanted and the damage was done!!!

Congress which tried to downplay the entire scenario held a press conference in which Rahul Gandhi himself made an attempt to blame the CJI and defend the judges press conference. But it merely looked like a desperation attempt by the Congress to save themselves from embarrassment. If one had noticed the 3 minutes press meet of Rahul Gandhi, we can understated that he wanted to only highlight Justice Loya’s death and did not mention any other point as there was nothing to say.

But not to forget the political analysts are quite cleaver and they notice every action of politicians. Rahul Gandhi was visibly not happy the way situation turned out. The press meet of Rahul Gandhi was not planned, but was arranged only after the scenario changed and things did not go as planned said internal reports. The entire plot was to malign CJI, if possible get him impeached before the Ayodhya case comes up for hearing next month in which Justice Mishra is heading the bench. But somehow, D Raja getting caught with Chelameswar got boomeranged and instead the judges themselves lost credibility and trust of the people.

Aishwarya S