Dadhichi, the Sage in Vedas who sacrificed himself to save the Devas!

As said in the Scriptures: “Nakarmana naprajaya na dhanena thayge naikena amrutatwa manasuhu”. Which means, “Neither through deeds or progeny or money can one become immortal. It is only through sacrifice that one can attain immortality”.

This saying fits very well with the story of the renowned sage “DADHICHI” who sacrificed his life for the sake of the Welfare of the Devas and the other living being on earth. There exist a numerous examples of Sages and Sadhus, who have been a irreplaceable epics in the Ancient India.

How many among us have heard of this name “Dadhichi”?? How many of us know about this Sage and his Sacrifice story?? Well, not many of us have heard of him.

Who was Sage Dadhichi??

Sage Dadhichi (also known as Dadhyancha), is an important character in Hindu Scriptures. He was the one of the greatest devotees of Lord Shiva.He is revered amongst the greatest of sages and is portrayed as an example that “no sacrifice is too great when the result is the good of the world”. His bones are used as a symbol on India’s highest award for gallantry “Param Vir Chakra” as “Vajra”.

The Ancient India offers the credit to him for giving up his life in order to allow the Gods (Devatas) to make weapons from his bones to defeat the Demons (Asuras), recapture Heaven (Svargalok) and release all the world’s water for all living beings!!

Dadhichi was the son of Atharvan, a rishi and his wife Chitti or Atharvan was the son of Brahma. According to puranic legend “Dabas” are the descendants of “Maharishi Dadhichi” the great king of Sindh in Vedic period.
Dadhichi had four sons namely Dahiya, Davyas (Dabas), Kundu and Hooda. He was an emperor turned Maharishi and is said to have died at the age of 100 years while fighting to non-Aryan tribes.

The Sacrifice story of the Legendary Sage…

The King of the Devas- Indra was once driven out of Devaloka (Heaven) by an Asura (Demon) named “Vritra”. And it is said that this Asura was blessed with a boon followed by which he could not be killed or harmed by any weapon made out of Wood or Metal. Thus, the Devas had a tough time to seek an alternative in order to kill him.

Creating a row of troubles, the Vritra Demon also stole all the water in the world for his own use and for his Demon Army so that all other living beings die out of thirst and hunger and no Human or God is left alive to challenge his place in Heaven.

Followed by repeated number of troubles Indra, lost all hope of recovering his kingdom and went to seek the aid of Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu then revealed a remedy to Indra that “only the weapon made out of the bones” of Sage Dadhichi is capable enough to kill Vritra and free the world from his atrocities.

After which, Indra along with the other Devas went to seek help from the Sage. It is also known that Dadhichi is the same sage, whom Indra had once beheaded. It was grateful enough of Dadhichi who acceded to the Devas’ request. But along with the approval, Dadhichi also kept forward a wish that he needed time to go on a pilgrimage to all the holy rivers before he gave up his life for them!!

It is then; Indra brought together all the waters of the holy rivers to Naimisharanya, thereby allowing the sage to have his wish fulfilled without a further loss of time. Dadhichi then went into a deep meditative state (believed to be with the help of powerful Yoga) and released his life force from his body.

After which the celestial Kamadhenu Calf licked and removed the flesh from his bones after which the Devas constructed the Vajrayudha (Thunderbolt) from his Spine and also numerous other weapons. This weapon Thunderbolt was then used to kill Vritra Demon and end his atrocities.

With this victory, Indra could reclaim back his place as the “King of Devaloka” and also release water for every living being on earth. Thus, “Sage Dadhichi” marked himself as the Symbol of Sacrifice and Selfless Nature to the world and his name was marked as an epic example of sacrifice in the Ancient Scriptures…


The Story of Maharishi Dadhichi



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