Dark Secret of Congress Exposed! Congress leader reveals how Gandhi dynasty ruled India for 60 years even though voters voted against them

Congress has always raised the issue of EVMs before as well as after elections. The Congress theory of EVM is if they win Elections “EVM are all fine” but if they lose “EVM are rigged”. The Congress is so worried about EVMs that even on the day of announcement of Budget despite of discussing the Budget Congress raises issue of EVMs

The party has always alleged the ruling BJP Government for tampering the EVMs. Not only this the party even went on to insult the top body Election Commission of India, responsible for conducting the elections
We all know where the real problem of Congress lies. The actual thing is that due to the EVMs the poll process have become so fair and transparent that Congress was not able to rig the Elections as it used to do earlier in elections

This dark secret has revealed by none other than Congress leader himself. Congress leader Kirti Azad who recently joined Congress has revealed that the workers of the Rahul Gandhi-led party had looted polling booths for him and his late father during the late 90s, when EVMs were not introduced in the electoral system. He added that booth capturing was possible in those days but now it is not possible due to the shift from paper ballots to EVMs.

“In those days booths were looted, Congress workers used to loot polling booths for Nagendra ji (former Congress leader). Booths were looted for my father as well and in 1999, for me also, EVMs had not been introduced then. It was not a big deal back then,” he said while addressing a rally in Darbhanga, Bihar on February 19

Kirti Azad is a two time MP from Darbangha Bihar and had been been associated with the BJP for over a decade but he was suspended from the party in 2015 when he made statements about there being corruption in the Delhi and District Cricket Association (DDCA) headed by Union Minister Arun Jaitley.He joined Congress two days ago and termed it as ‘Ghar Wapasi’. Kirti Azad’s, late father Bhagwat Jha Azad was a member of the Congress cabinet led by former PM Indira Gandhi, and had served as the Chief Minister of Bihar in the 1980s.

The Congress leader has exposed the real reason behind the cry of Congress President on EVMs. The party is feeling helpless that now it is not able to carry out its agenda of rigging elections and are losing badly in Elections. But Congress party should accept the reality that this is their real status. The Congress Party is not the choice of voters. Nation doesn’t want looters.



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