The dark and untold facts about Independent India and Jawaharlal Nehru!

The more you research about Nehru, the more you will get to know his real face and each of his mistakes are bigger than the previous.

He has not left any stone unturned to ruin our country in every aspect. Since the time of freedom struggle to Independence and later for 20 years, there is not one good decision taken by him which helped the country. Rather he completely danced to the tune of British and their followers to make India weak in every aspect. Today on his death anniversary, let people know another such blunder of Jawaharlal Nehru during the time of Independence.

The following facts were revealed by Late Rajiv Dixit in which he goes to tell that Nehru was mainly responsible for the partition of India and Pakistan. But this is old story, the shocking fact is that how Nehru agreed to most illogical decision of the British government.

It was the British government which introduced the Indian Independence Act of 1947. This was the most bizarre act passed by the British, which made India look like a puppet.

The main points of this act were:

  • Two Independent dominions, India and Pakistan shall be set up.
  • Both dominions will be completely self governing in their internal affairs, security and foreign affairs, but the British will continue to be their HEAD OF THE STATE represented by the Governor General of India and Governor General of Pakistan.

So the real meaning of Dominion is Self governing Nations under the British rule! Basically which means India was still under the control of British and not a independent country. Being Dominion and being Independent is completely different. Under Dominion state, the country will follow the orders of the King/Queen of England.

Not many people know in the Preamble of our constitution, the name of the England Queen was above the name of the President of India! So until India became republic 1950, we called ourselves as a Dominion Nation and represented the Common Wealth Games all official meeting as a Dominion Nation. Thanks to Nehru who accepted to make India look like a slave in the hands of British.

So accordingly, the British appointed the British Governors for both the countries and continued to rule the country, but Nehru never opposed the move as he was gifted the Prime Minister’s post.

Many people like Patel and Army generals requested Nehru not to accept this rule, but Nehru had no patience or the intelligence to listen to any Nationalist voices.

The way in which Nehru became the Prime Minister of India was itself a goof up. After the British decided to leave India, the Congress core committee decided to go for voting in which who ever gets the maximum votes from Congress members will be declared as the President of the party and the same person will also be made the Prime Minister of the country.

Out of 15 Congress committee members, 14 of them voted for Sardar Vallabhai Patel. Jawaharlal Nehru lost the Congress presidential elections and Sardar Vallabhai Patel was decided to be made the next PM of India.

But here, Nehru played the most dirty trick which made the Congress committee to select Nehru as the Prime Minister of the country. The fact was no member in the Congress committee liked or supported Nehru. The reason was because he was never one among Indians, and was more close to British and never bothered about Indian Independence. The British themselves had declared that Nehru is an Indian only from outside, but he has a soul of British.

This was the time Nehru went to Gandhi and warned him that if he is not made the Prime Minister of the Country he will destroy the Congress. So Gandhi was literally black mailed by Nehru which made him write a letter to Sardar Patel. This letter is still available in the records of the Indian Government. Pyare Lal who was the personal assistant of Gandhi, has written a book in which he has provided the photo evidence of the letter. The book is named Purnahuti.

It reads “Sardar ji, I know you have won the confidence of the Congress people, but Nehru wants to be the Prime Minister of the country. So I request you to please take back your nomination.”

Sardar Patel had then replied, “Bapu, if you really say this from your heart, I will take back my nomination, I have always been your follower.”

Gandhi said that if we get divided now, the British will never give us independence, so let us not give them the hint we are divided. This made Sardar Patel take back step and finally Nehru was made the PM of India….which started the dark days for India!

Aishwarya S