Days after Congress leader Navjot Singh Sidhu hugged Pakistani Army chief, the Pakistani troops show their brutality by slitting the throat of a BSF Jawan!

In an inhuman act, Pakistani troops have slit the throat of a BSF Jawan after brutally shooting him along the International border (IB) near Jammu, as per official statement. The attack was almost a unpredictable one to not be prepared for it.

The incident took place near Ramgarh sector, has prompted the security forces to issue a “high alert” across the IB and Line of Control (LoC) even as the Border Security Force (BSF) has lodged a strong complaint with its counterparts -the Pakistan Rangers.

It was quite tough for the BSF troop to get hold of the Jawan’s body, as it was late in the evening. The BSF had to wait for the sun to set and launched a “risky operation” to bring the Jawan’s body back to the post. This incident of brutality was taken very serious by the Government , the Ministry of External Affairs and the Director General of Military Operations (DGMO) were also expected to take up the issue with their Pakistani counterparts.

They added that since the BSF patrol party that went ahead of the fence to cut the tall “Sarkanda” (elephant) grass was first fired upon, hectic phone calls and communication exchanges went on from the Indian side to across the border in order to locate the Jawan, who was first declared missing.

“The body of the jawan bears three bullet injuries and his throat has been slit. This is an unprecedented action that has happened with the Indian forces along the IB and the Pakistani troopers are behind this. The BSF and other forces will undertake a counter-action at a suitable time,” an official said.

The jawan was killed on the spot after he was hit by a fatal sniper shot from across the border, he added. Thus, saving him was not in the hands of Indian counterpart. Loosing him is a much greater loss for the Indian Army, as India lost a jawan in a unexpected attack from Pakistan.

“A BSF party that was on domination patrolling ahead of the fence was fired upon. The BSF troops immediately took position and retaliated but the enemy bullets hit a jawan. The area on the Pakistani side has a protective bundh close to the IB,” the force had said in the statement.

Source: Republic World

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