The deadliest enemies of the nation are not across the border; they are within India – Who are they ?

We are always under the false impression of Pakistan being our greatest enemy. The truth is far from that. The deadliest enemies of India are within the country, working 24 X 7 against the country at various level. Yes, it is the deadly Academics-Maoist-NGO-Left nexus, the reality of which is not a secret anymore with professors of “certain” universities regularly being under scanner for alleged Maoist activities. These academicians not only promote Maoist ideology, but mobilize foot soldiers & students in the name of revolution by luring them. They are more of an anti-national activist than an academician.

The Maoists-Academics-NGO- Left nexus is so deep that any development work which is aimed towards genuinely uplifting the tribal and rural areas are systematically opposed at each of these levels –
1. Academic level by “intellectuals”,
2. Activist level by NGOs,
3. Political level by Left parties,
4. By violence at the level of Maoists.

The sole reason for the protests against development is because of the fact that if there is developmental activity and creation of infrastructure in the rural tribal belt, the tribal will get access to education, healthcare, banking, electricity, good transport facilities and most importantly, JOBS and financial opportunities. The moment the tribal are uplifted, the propaganda of Maoists will not work as they will not be able to misguide & blackmail the poor destitute tribal. The protest against building roads, dams, hospitals, schools, power plants, banks, industries is exactly because of the same reason.

These pro-Maoist academicians play a part in funding the Maoists by running many shadow NGOs which receive funding from various sources in the name of tribal welfare. However, these funds are directed to Maoists for buying arms and ammunition. These Maoist academicians are involved in brainwashing students right from the beginning and any alternate viewpoint is suppressed, prime example being many pro-Maoist professors from “certain” universities across the country. Their motive is to hamper every development project, oppose anything healthy for the growth of nation, and promote the forces which can result in “Bhaarat ki barbaadi (Destruction of India)” and “Bhaarat ke tukde honge (Fragmentation of India)

Based on an converation with someone I personally know, who got a chance to interact with a few ex-Maoists and members of splinter groups like JJMP (Jharkhand Jan Mukti Parishad), I would like to share his experience. The ex-Maoists told him that senior academicians, a significant number of NGOs, left parties and Maoists complement each other by performing the assigned tasks. While most of the rallies or protests organised by Left parties and universities are logistically supported by Maoists, the academicians and NGOs pool money, disseminate idea & propaganda. The Maoists buy firearms, explosives and weapons using the money from NGOs (as well as from extortion and counterfeit currencies).

The government also knows – the best way to stop the menace is to cut the jugular vein – the FUNDS. First the regulation on foreign funding of NGOs, followed by cancelling the licences of NGOs and finally demonetization, government is hitting the Maoists hard where it hurts them the most. The pro-Maoist academic establishment, NGOs and left parties are the lifeline of the Maoists, providing them with the much needed oxygen and energy. It is this very nexus which has been the impediment to India’s growth and development and is the greatest threat to India.

Kshitij Mohan