Deadly attack on army camp in Uri : what the nation expects from the government ?

Mr Prime Minister ! Please don”™t be silent like Ms. Mehbooba Mufti, rather take action against Pakistan and the terrorists supported by the state like the Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee did 17 years back in 1999 by acting strongly against the infiltrators which is known in popular terms as the ‘Kargil war’.

It’s the time to prove that the 17 jawans martyred and 30 jawans injured in the worst URI Fidayeen attack on Army base near Line Of Control early in the wee hours of early morningis not a slap on the face of 1.25 billion Indians or a humiliation for the Indian Army. It is the time to strike back, with covert operations, surgical strikes and isolating the terror sympathizers. As per your own words , Mr. Prime Minister, the time has come for ‘actions’ and to teach the enemies a lesson in the language they understand.

When a deadly terrorist Burhan Wani was killed by the Indian army, the whole valley gathered to protest against his death. More than two lakh Kashmiri Muslims were seen marching on his funeral pyre under the leadership of anti-national separatists like Geelani and Yasin. The ‘intellectuals’, a section of media and people with vested interest did their best to prove them innocent, but there is no outrage by those people for our Army and CRPF jawans killed by the Pakistan Fidayeen squads and Kashmiri Muslims. Our soldiers, at times, are not getting due respect and even their funeral pyres go unnoticed. The worst ever insult is that the secular media and the so called humanitarian intellectuals question our defense protocols which are meant to safeguard the country.

In today’s attack at the army camp in URI, most of the soldiers were killed when their tents caught fire in the grenade attack. Beside the Srinagar-Muzaffarabad highway, Uri houses the army’s brigade headquarters and the attack took place during a change of command, which means one unit was replacing another and most of the soldiers were in tents or temporary shelters at the Army base. Soldiers were killed and injured in a six-hour gun-battle with the terrorists while crossing a canal along the Line of Control, and infiltrating into Kashmir.

“Pakistan is a terrorist state and it should be identified and isolated as such,” Mr Rajnath Singh tweeted, highlighting the fact that the attackers were “highly trained, heavily armed and specially equipped”. Will just a condemnation be sufficient for such a deadly attack? It”™s a question to the Government and the responsible authorities because it”™s an attack not only on Army but also on India. It”™s an attack on 1.25 crore Indian”™s security and respect. It”™s a question on our safety, “How safe are our Indians against terror attack led by Pakistan sometimes through Fidayeen Squad and sometimes through Burhan Wani and Kasmiri separatists-common Muslims in general?”

Is it not a fresh move and a stammering start up against India by Pakistan government? Is it not a sign for a bigger violence to be triggered in valley by Indo-Pak Fidayeen Squads? Is it not the right time to unchain Indian Army? Isn”™t it the right time to change the thought regarding foreign policy and national security to declare war against Pakistan, and to teach lesson to the Kashmiri separatist Muslims who want Azaadi from India in spite of consuming our tax-money? Isn”™t the right time to declare Pakistan a Terrorist Nation in the World Stage of international Authorities? If not, the governments will come and go, leaders will come and go but nothing will change rather the Indian Army, CRPF, and defence will only become martyrs followed by some news and articles generating TRP for the media houses.

Azad Ray