The deadly strategy of opposition parties that will destroy India; All these are just to suppress PM Modi

The seven decade except some intermittent governance of scamgress has pushed the total populace in the Indian subcontinent to be wary of scams by 2G, coal mine, CWG, Augusta Helicopter and the brazen violations of the enshrined rules. Our blood must boil but has frozen. But the educated, urchin, and uneducated are unabashedly boiled at the every action taken by Modi and his government! The educated and the intellects too have reduced them as country brutes or feigning is anybody’s guess.

It is imperative to disseminate what is going on and what Modi is doing inferred to be best of my knowledge.

The revenue earned by our government is unique indeed. But the way by which it was handled by our erstwhile government is Himalayan blunder. It is lavished and plundered under the blanket of subsisting the poor by way of subsidies and freebies. There is none to question the government hence they unleashed the anarchy as to how it is spent and to whom the benefit goes. When the government is earning this much why then there is no money to allocate for defence and shudder at our neighbours like China and Pakistan?

What is meant by subsidy and freebie? Wherefrom the money is generated to allocate for the stated supra? For sure they cannot print money!! Collect from us by way of different tax and throw a pittance from them like pinching the bum of Lord Vinayaka and offering it as oblation to Him. The bait used is Poor!!

Albeit this much quantum is spent, we do not question

  1. Why the poor remains as poor?
  2. Whether such subsidy and freebie reaches the right person?
  3. Given the subsidised gas is bought by Hoteliers stealthily and sells Doda for Rs. 150/ and we consume it closing all our holes and spare tips too, but if the subsidy of 150 is stopped we clamour like testicle incised cat.
  4. The subsidised ration food worth in crores, if not used goes waste with fungus and other natural fermentation but we do not question.

Now the avenue of such passage through which the politicians plundered and looted is plugged and a control system is ushered. The opposition is crying foul lest their source is sealed and the armchair specialists and paid media are singing their song to their might.

Our blood has become pus that we failed to question the way our money was drained by the erstwhile governments by plunders and wastage but cry hoar over the actions taken by the Modi government telling the fact to the common shows how the populace of this nation has become a headless chicken. It is true the goat will trust only the butcher!!

I fail to understand why our people fail to think that Modi government takes tough measure for the benefit of our nation and its safety unlike the past corrupt governments which harnessed the governance only for loots and plunders adequate for generations together leaving the nation and her safety in air, though he can conveniently do so?

Their thinking power is lost or feign so or deliberately do is anybody’s guess.

A sensible person if thinks for a minute will come to constructive decision!!

Vaidya K Iyer