Dear Anti-Nationals, Don’t Preach Our Solider’s How To Tackle Terrorists!

Seventeen soldiers lost their life today when terrorists attacked Uri sector of Baramulla in Jammu and Kashmir. Terrorists have thrown grenades and fired at Indian army which has caused severe damage to the Indian battalion.

Since morning, few so called activists and intellects on MSM and Social media are advising the government to take strict action against terrorists. But ironically these are the same Pseudo liberals who went hue-cry when CRPF were given free hand in Kashmir which resulted in killing of terrorist Burhan Wani. These same hypocrites tried to project Burhan Wani as a mis-guided youth and projected our army as murderers and killers.



Media campaigned for him for days projecting it as a cold blooded murder, inciting violence in the valley. Don”™t have to remind these pseudo liberals who put the funeral ceremony of Burhan Wani as their profile picture, trying to project his as a hero. Don”™t we know one shameless journo compared Burhan Wani to Bhagat Singh!!!




Today these shameless people want to advise our Army??? What moral rights do they have to question our soldiers???

Can those fake journos name one Indian Soldier who lost their life fighting terrorists?

Its fact that no media will ever speak or give as much publicity they gave to the funeral ceremony of Burhan Wani or Afzal Guru or Yakub Menon. These people should hang their head in shame.

It”™s not difficult to fight an enemy outside, but fighting an enemy within is the hardest task. It”™s not difficult for India to strike war on Pakistan, but India lacks support from our own people. What is need for the hour is a STRONG PATRIOTISM in us, A STRONG WILL to DEMOLISH the Anti-National eco-system which is killing India like a termite. Unless we do that, India can never stop such terror attacks.

First eliminate the Enemy within, Later we can target outside enemy!!!

Aishwarya S