Dear Gujaratis, never forget that 44 Congress MLAs were enjoying in resorts with DK Shivakumar while Gujarat was drowning in flood

Dear Gujarat, please do not let Congress disgrace you any further!

Dear Gujaratis,

We, citizens from the rest of India have made it clear so far that we see you as a pinnacle of progress. Regardless of where we come from, the culture, food and development rate of Gujarat has always been admired all through the border of India. However, now that your elections are approaching, things on media aren’t the same as before.

Rather than commending how beautiful your navrathri celebrations are or how majestic your tourism sector is, all we get to see is how Rahul Gandhi is resorting to visit temples out of desperation, how a Patel leader is swooping down to disgraceful levels to become a minister, and how religion is being used for extremist political propaganda.

Dalit atrocities in your state might have been an issue, but the rest of the country got to hear how well you are managing your resources and economy. Only until the election campaign began, though. Now, all we get to hear about is how Dalits have been ill-treated in your state. It was a pride for us too, that an eminent leader from your state is today ably heading the country and making it proud on international levels.

We chose him as our Prime Minister because we saw what he had done to your state, and we wanted that for the entire country. However, standing against such a leader and his comrade is an opposition that is highlighting your flaws in national media, showcasing its desperation through sex tapes and staging of unnecessary events. This isn’t the Gujarat we love to see. Even if elections are a tough competition, they must be about bringing out the best of the constituency, and not diminishing its standards on the national level. But sadly, this is what Congress is doing to you.

Well, this isn’t the first time Congress has done something like that to the name of the state. Remember the times when Gujarat flooded during July 2017, and the Congress MPs were ‘evacuated to safety’ to a lavish resort in Karnataka. The evacuation had nothing to do with the floods, but with the consecutive resignations of 6 MPs who quit the Congress party prior to Rajya Sabha polls. Three of them joined BJP.

Following the same, Congress MLA Raghavjee Patel said that 20 more ministers are prepared to quit their position within the Congress soon, and the party woke up in alarm at that. In order to avoid any further resignations and lure the Ministers to assume they are well-treated by the party, Congress ‘evacuated’ its ministers for a holiday in Bangalore. When Gujarat struggled to make it through heavy rains and flood, when the state and central governments left no stone unturned to keep the people safe, Congress ministers had not a care in the world.

The resort that these ministers took a holiday in, Eagleton resort in Bangalore belongs to a Congress minister from Karnataka – D K Shivakumar. One day’s stay at the luxury resort costs Rs.15,000 per head, and the ministers were taken tours and availed the best of services at the resort for as long as they stayed. Guess who paid for that?

Coming to worst, Eagleton resort, its owner D K Shivakumar and the ministers from your state who stayed there faced an IT raid soon after the controversy subsided, revealing resources no less than that of a fortune. The resort is now involved in interrogation which states that it has encroached 77 acres of land owned by the government.

D K Shivakumar has practically gone bankrupt considering the resources seized by the IT department. The resort was a haven for political parties, especially Congress, to protect its ministers from getting ‘poached’ and provide them with an illusion of being well-treated by the party. Well, sadly, the resort and its owner are both in a position where they might crave for a break themselves.

The Gujarat floods of 2017 were definitely one of the worst phases your state has seen. The rains caused a total of 224 deaths and infinite agonies considering the material and emotional losses. The state and central government did all that they could through translocation of individuals, evacuation to safety, distribution of food, provision for temporary accommodation and more. Well, there might have been difficulties within the Congress led constituencies, for their MLAs chose to ditch their people and party in Bangalore.

A desperate and poor technique was employed by Congress to make up for the ridiculous mistake, by getting Rahul Gandhi to address the people. People were addressed thus before Rahul Gandhi’s speech – Since our MLAs couldn’t be here, our leader from the centre has taken all efforts to travel down so far and talk to us. Well, the floods might have worn out the people’s energy, but not wits – if that was what Mr. Gandhi hoped for. Rahul Gandhi was blatantly opposed by the public and his ‘condolence speech’ did not even last 5 minutes.

Gujarat is a pride of the nation, and we hope sustains itself as the model state that pioneers progress and inspires the rest. Kindly do not let it into the hands of desperate people and parties that shall make propaganda out of your positive traits, highlight your negative traits and flee to party when you’ll need them the most. Gujarat has always made the right decisions, and the nation is sure that it shall make the right decision for the coming elections.

Trisha Jay


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