Dear Mr Tharoor, Stop Turning A Blind Eye To The Truth Over Balakot Airstrikes

Dear Shashi Tharoor,

I as a patriotic Indian, take liberty in writing you this letter in response of you questioning the Balakot airstrikes. Well, time and again you and your fellow Congress leaders like Navjot Singh Sidhu, Sam Pitroda, have been questioning the credibility of the air strikes and each and every time you all have been slapped with the truth. Even, now when you were informed regarding the Pakistan PM’s admission of the air strikes, you blatantly denied any knowledge of it.

Why tall Congress leaders like you express doubts on our army’s potential every now and then? Do you think the 2nd largest standing army in the world will just hit a few trees? Guess, it is now time to hit you with some of the genuine facts regarding Balakot airstrikes.

Mirage 2000 aircraft dropped 1,000 kg bombs on terrorist camp across LoC on 26 February 2019, around 3.30 Pm. The terrorist launchpads in Balakot, Chakothi and Muzaffarbad were completely destroyed.  Sources claim that Jaish-e-Muhummad’s control rooms were completely destroyed.

Now, coming to the so called “proof”, Several satellite images show 6 missile impacts which destroyed multiple terror camps in Balakot. Air Vice-Marshal RGK Kapoor declared that there were enough credible evidences to prove that there was damage to the camps.

That is not it, Paksitan suffered a USD 50 million loss after it closed its airspace with India for nearly five months following the Balakot airstrikes. Pakistan’s Minister for Aviation Ghulam Sarwar Khan stated that the “Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) suffered a loss of Rs 8.5 billion (USD 50 million) because of airspace restrictions since February in the wake of the “Indian aggression”. “It’s a huge loss for our overall (aviation) industry,”

On August 14, Pakistan PM Imran Khan admits that India carried out the Balakot Airstrike. He even feared that India has planned a bigger operation in PoK.

Well, these statements made by your party’s beloved country’s citizens are enough for you to believe that Balakot airstrikes actually happened which caused a lot of damage.

Mr. Tharoor, you claim that you had no knowledge regarding the Pakistan PM’s admission of the air strikes, then should we assume that being a well-known politician, you are less aware of the developments happening in your own country?

If so, then let me tell you that according to a few reliable sources, Francesca Marino, an Italian journalist has reported that upto 170 Jaish-e-Mohammed terrorists were killed in the Balakot airstrikes.

You and your party accuse BJP of “milking” airstrike for political gains, but don’t you think that repeatedly dragging this issue and terming it ‘fake’ is also one of your party’s political strategies?

Mr. Tharoor, isn’t it idiotic to link Balakot airstrikes to elections, because India keeps having one or other elections every year, does that mean the party will conduct airstrikes every year just for political gains?

This is not the first time your party has dragged army into your nasty political game. We have not forgotten the recent insult of brave jawans and incredible dog unit in Congress MP Rahul Gandhi’s tweet during international Yoga day, where a picture of our Army personnel along with the dog unit doing Yoga was posted with the sarcastic caption “New India”. How will you justify this childish behavior of Rahul Gandhi?

I feel hostile and angry that when the entire Nation is proud of our Army personnel you and the Congress party involve in discouraging our armed forces by your silly remarks and statements.

Well, it is high time that you and the Congress party refrain from making such derogatory statements on Indian Army before it’s too late.

Sharanya Alva