Death of democracy in hands of Sonia Gandhi!!! Story of how 44 Kidnapped MLAs voted for Ahmed Patel

In the Gujarat Rajya Sabha election, Ahmed Patel, a candidate for Congress won for third seat by receiving 44 votes aided by the Election Commission holding the votes of aided by the Election Commission holding the votes of two Congress rebels invalid for showing their ballot papers to the BJP’s election agent. With lot’s of anxious and twists, congress finally secured the seat of Rajya Sabha. In other hand, Smrith Irani and Amit Shah won another two vacant seats in the state.

The outcome ended by midnight of political drama that turned the usual staid polls for the Upper House.

The high drama of Sonia Gandhi worked!

For the victory of this election, Sonia Gandhi kidnapped 44 MLAs of Gujarat and ‘Caged’ in a resort of Bangalore few days before. All the MLAs had their life turning fun and tour when entire Gujarat was flooding. Even though, seeing the Gujarat flood, they wouldn’t come back to serve the people.

Locals raised a black flag and pelted a stone at RahulGandhi’s car and they literally showed their inner view towards the administration of Congress. Unfortunately, BJP MLAs cross-voted.

Ahmed Patel – Sonia’s right hand to corrupt Gujarat

Ahmed Patel, a Rajya Sabha Election candidate, who got selected by Sonia Gandhi  defeated by BJP.  Since he is a Sonia’s right hand, Sonia  kidnapped entire 44 MLA’s to manage the cross votes and sent them to Bangalore have fun. Even though, the Gujarat suffered with heavy flood, MLA’s who Has to be in Gujarat to serve their people did not return. As this is the election where every vote matters, congress ignored the possibility of People’s concern and the dictatorship of Sonia had proved very well.

Who were in the game?

It was a battle between two ideologies as well as like previous vice-presidential election. Battle between Ahmed Patel of congress and Blavanth Singh Rajput of BJP. The usual high drama of the insecurities of congress finally headed to certainvictory.

The congress secured a third seat of RajyaSabha along with two great BJP leaders after the election commission disqualified the ballots of two of its rebel lawmakers.

The decision boosted Patel’s prospects as it brought down the number of votes required for Ahmed’s win in 44.

Dirty game led Congress towards victory

From initial, congress party was good with the confidence motto to defeat BJP. They claimed that they are confident in winning this election. Adding to it, Congress spokesperson Randeep Singh Surjewala said, “BJP, by adopting cheap methods, is conspiring to turn minority votes into a majority in Gujarat. They can make all attempts to insult the people’s mandate. But we are confident  that Ahmed Patel is going to be victorious.”

Ahmad Patel, candidate of the Rajya Sabha election, said, “I have full confidence in my victory despite the BJP’s attempts and the numbers will surprise everyone.”

Former Congress veteran ShankerinhVaghela remained quite on his choice of candidate for RajyaSabha polls. The former Gujarat Chief Minister had said that he was no longer in touch with the congressional leadership, while calling the present candidate Ahmed Patel as his friend.

“We have been friends since then and we remain friends till now. Even today, we talked over the phone. Our relationship is not limited to politics.” He said denying the rumors that he was in contact with BJP leaders over voting.

Controversial Cross Votes!!

Besides, a legislator each of the NCP and JDUsaid that they have voted for Patel. And also, BJP candidate Nalin Kotadiya cross voted and said he voted for Ahmed.

JDU lawmaker Chhotu Vasava said, “I have voted for the country and as per the party’s latest ally, the BJP.”

The battle was in the third seat in which Patel’s was contesting.

The congress had 44 loyal MLAsa votes out of 51. The rest owed their allegiance to Vaghela, who left the party on July 21.

Vaghela declared that he did not vote for Patel. “I did not want to waste my vote when congress is not winning.” He said.

Also, he claimed, “Eight congress MLAs cross-voted, including Karmshi Patel, the MLA for Sanand, who also get caged in Bangalore.”

Finally, Congress certain Dignity has secured in Gujarat State even though they faced the grand embarrassment.

Sushmitha Saptharshi