Debacle after debacle, Congress party just refuses to learn! A booklet by Ram Puniyani, a Hindu hating historian, is being issued to train their cadre!

Let us assume, we have pain in abdomen or our elbows are hurting. Where do we go? From do we seek advice?

Doctors, isn’t it?

Bu then, to learn history of our great land, who are we referring to?

Historians? Indologists? NO.

An IIT affiliated medical officer, a professor of biomedical engineering, is teaching us who our ancestors are! How ‘tolerant’ and ‘Kind hearted’ Islamic invaders were! Who were the Aryans and how Ghaznavis donated gold to temples! And were Hindu loving people!

Should we laugh or cry at this!

A land plundered repeatedly by the invaders, a culture facing repeated barbarism, should listen to a man giving lengths of speech on Indian history and Indology when he is not even remotely related to the field.

Ram Puniyani is in news again.

A news channel broke the news of Congress party – of course, where there is hindu hatred, there is congress – distributing a booklet allegedly penned down by Ram Puniyani to train their cadre. The booklet not only whitewashes the brutality of Islamic invaders and rulers and also spew venom on Hindu ideology, RSS, and the Right Wing in India.

One gets landed in utter confusion, is it the hatred for Hindu or the love for a Islamic invader that Congress strongly propagates!!

Ram Puniyani is infamous for misquoting ancient texts, and blatantly lie about the destruction of temples, the rapes, loots and murders at the hands of ghaznavis, moghuls…

And he is a recipient of ‘Indira Gandhi award for National Integration’!!

Irony died a thousand death, an award named after daughter of Nehru, who was instrumental in partition of the nation, is awarded to a medical officer who writes history whitewashing Islamic rule,demonising Hindus.

Okay, let us assume that history is his area of interest, and he has immersed himself in studying history of India. But then, History too depends on facts, how can an historian get the facts wrong, unless his ultior motive is something not quite simple.

Rama Puniyani begins one of his lectures, by playing down Muhammad Ghazni’s religious bigotry.

He puts on a map and shows Somnath in Rajasthan. The real Somnath temple which was destroyed by Mohammad Ghazni is on the coast of the Arabian Sea in Gujarat.

Ram Puniani continues with his lies and makes a fraudulent claim that the Ghaznavid army consisted of 35% Hindus.

The core of the Ghaznavid army was the slave force (Ghilman). The slave army of Ghaznavids consisted of Indians/Hindus, Turks, and some Tajiks.

Like Arabs and Kurds, the Indians/Hindus had their own commander, the “Sipahsalar-i-Hinduyan”, and had their own quarters in Ghazni. Even the general named Tilak was a slave captured during the war.

So the claim of Mr. Puniani is the half-truth. The Hindu soldiers in his army were mostly slave captured during the war.

Ram Puniyani tries to absolve Islam from Ghaznavid terrorism and says Ghazni destroyed mosque in Multan in the 11th century! The picture he displays during the lecture is a grave of Sufi saint Rukn-E-Alam built in 1324 CE. A simple reverse image search could exposed his lies.

So Did Ghazni destroy any mosque in Multan? The answer is no. Even a Marxist historian Romila Thapar admits that Ghazni did not destroy Multan mosque. Reference can be found in her book, ‘Somanatha’.

Ram Puniani claims that Aurangzeb destroyed even mosques not just temples and he puts up a picture of a mosque alleged destroyed by Aurangzeb in Golconda.

The images shown by him were the graves of Qutb Shahi kings.

American Historian Richard Eaton admits that Aurangzeb never destroyed mosques of rival kings of Golkonda and Bijapur but instead patronized them.

According to Ram Puniani, Kashi Vishwanath temple is a temple of Vishnu. Anyone who is an Indian knows that The Kashi Vishwanath is a temple dedicated to Shiva. In fact, Kashi Vishwanath is revered as one of the 12 Jyotirlingas of Shiva.

Regarding the Kashi temple, Ram Puniani makes a fraudulent claim. He says Aurangzeb destroyed Kashi Vishnvanath temple because Brahmin priests (Mahant of the temple) raped a queen inside it. Is there a primary source to this claim? No. Any Secondary source? No.

Then how can he blatantly support the attack by Aurangzeb through a made up story!

Interesting point here is, the Co ordination between all these fake historians and the congress party leaders.

If we dig out the Origin of this theory, A Gandhian Congress leader Dr. Pattabhi Sitaramayya, in his famous book, The Feathers and the Stones, has written this ‘imaginary’ incident. He claims it is based on a manuscript of Benares Masjid which was in possession of an unnamed Muslim friend of his unnamed acquaintance.

The whole secularism warriors, Marxist Historians quote this to justify the destruction of the temple.

It is a food for thought, that these same people are opposing Ram Mandir construction when there are solid archeological, historical evidences available, but based on a rumoured story the proof for which no one has seen, seems to be much more solid evidence.

Forget about pro-Hindutva people, his claims are contradicted by Romila Thapar as well.

It’s a matter of grave concern that people like him go around the country and talk about history. And then there is Congress, backing these fraudsters. These people were sarcastically referred to as ‘Intellectuals’, it seems only proper they should be named Intellectual terrorists,

And speaking about Congress party, debacle after debacle, they refuse to learn and in a way it will help India to finally get rid of this infestation which hollowed its pride and prosperity.

Dr Sindhu Prashanth


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