Debate of the Millennium!!! Hilarious debate between a misguided youth, secular and a Hindu

The theme of this Satire Article is represented in one tweet posted by Rahul Roushan which had exposed liberals in 2015.

This conversation happened between group of liberals and various terror outfits and some Hindus. Read it thoroughly to understand the narrative.

Terrorist: Allah U Akbar, I will slaughter all Non-Muslim for Allah, I am killing for Islam

Liberal: No you are saying a big lie, you are misguided youth. You don’t want to do this.

Kashmiri Militant:  I will slaughter all Non-Muslim for Allah, I am killing for Islam and will make J&K Islamic State

Liberal: No you are telling a lie, you are fighting for Kashmiriyat, Insaniyat and Jamuriyat.

Muslim Mob: We are lynching Hindus and burning 100 of houses in Bengal because 17 year old boy wrote Facebook Post on Prophet. We have already killed cartoonist in France for the same.

Liberal: No you are telling a lie, BJP has provoked you and instigated you as Bengal Election is near.

Hindu: Why don’t you believe them when they are saying that they are doing in Allah Name?

Liberal: Are you Intellectual? Who are you third grade citizen? Do you even know what is Nehruvian Philosophy?

Hindu: But when he is saying then why are you not accepting his view? OK let me ask him. Dear Terrorist why you are killing in the name of Allah?

Terrorist: I am killing because Allah wrote Quran and Quran mention it properly to kill all Non-believers and it also mention to keep and tread non believer women as Sex Slave.

Hindu: Look what he said? Now what you say?

Liberal: He is wrong, he is misinterpreting Quran he is Bad Muslim, good Muslim doesn’t interpret it like that.

Hindu: But have you read Quran, it was written in Arabic and translated in English – It is saying exactly same which Terrorist is saying, what is misinterpreted here?

Liberal: This is problem of illiterate Hindus like you, read between the lines and in blank spaces. Read it with Gandhi’s eye. Then you will understand.

Hindu: But Errr … Why can’t you teach Terrorist the same philosophy so that they don’t kill innocent? OK why Muslim celebrate Pakistan win and why Muslims are killing Hindus in Kerala, Bengal and Karnataka?

Liberal: They are provoked by Narendra Modi and Bengal Elections are coming, that’s why BJP doing Communal Polarisation?

Hindu: But Bengal is burning since decade and BJP never won any election and their vote share was below 10%. Similar situation in Kerala and Karnataka too. How you are claiming its BJP. One Muslim TMC worker accepted in a sting operation that he is doing it and fault is of Mamata Banerjee

Liberal: Mamata Banerjee has nothing to do with this, PM Modi is responsible for it

Hindu: Mamata Banerjee is CM of State and Narendra Modi is PM. Actually Mamata Banerjee is responsible because for 12 years without a reason and despite Supreme Court free Narendra Modi you accused him because he was CM and taken that post just 2 months back.

Liberal: Whatever the position Narendra Modi will take, He will be responsible and whatever the post any other non BJP leader take he is not responsible for Riots. Like Mulayam was never accused for Muzaffarnagar Riots that time also Modi was responsible.

Hindu: OK understand your philosophy but tell me why Muslim lynched 65 year old in Bengal and why Mamata Banerjee arrested 17 year boy on writing Facebook Post?

Liberal: Muslims were protesting peacefully but 65 year old came in between and provoked him and that’s why killed but it’s the fault of 65 year old. How dared that boy write against Allah.

Hindu: It means you are saying Attack on Kali Mata Temple, Vandalising Houses and Burning Vehicle is peaceful protest but protesting against that by 65 year old is provocative. Muslims abuse Hindu God and Goddesses which is not a daring provocation but 17 year old writing Facts of History on Prophet is provocative.

At the same time Judiciary gave clean chit to 17 year old Muslim with Rs 10000 support even after he brutally raped and killed Hindu Girl. This is fine for you.

Liberal: You are shameless, you always see things with religious angle, 17 year old boy was Juvenile and his whole life was at stake, girl died now we can’t bring her back.

Hindu : OK it means Muslim can attack anyone burn houses due to religion but Hindus have no right to even question them because it’s communal.

Liberal: Do you know Hindu Mob lynched Akhlaq?

Hindu: Yes unfortunate incident but Akhlaq stole cattles of those farmers which was a triggering point

Liberal: No you killed him because of his name and because he was Muslim. You killed him for religion

Hindu: How can you change your philosophy? When Muslim kill then you questioned me that I am bringing religion into argument and now you are bringing it.

Liberal: This is the way we work, we learn this art and this art is known as Nehruvian Art. That’s why we are Intellectual.

Hindu: One guy killed another person in moving train after heated argument over seat and you twisted it and said Hindu killed Muslim because Muslim was carrying Beef?

Liberal: Hindu killed Muslim because he was carrying Beef. This is current trending topic in India so we have to bring Beef anyhow in incident to make it interesting.

Hindu: In another News Adil arrested during encounter, he was working with Lashkar and you people made him Sandeep Sharma

Liberal: He is Sandeep Sharma changed his religion and name in 2013 but so what he is Hindu, he is not Adil. Hence Saffron Hindu Terror.

Hindu: Don’t you people fear that your Fake Stories will be punished by Government?

Liberal: We fear and that is why we  conducted various campaigns like Intolerance, Not In My Name and bring concepts like Undeclared Emergency, so that Government can never take any action on us. And if they do we will get success and we will prove our point that Our Freedom of Speech is getting crushed under Hitler Modi.

Hindu: Ok My Friend I understand you. God bless India

Abhishek Kumar