Debunking the Propaganda Against RSS – Part 1; Every Indian should read this

Over the last couple of years we have seen an increase in two things:

  • Exponential increase in propaganda against the Sangh by the leftists.
  • More number of Hindu youth leaning towards Sangh ideology.

Let us start with some of the propaganda against the Sangh.


For those that are not familiar with the Sangh preamble, here it is ; “To eradicate the fissiparous tendencies arising from diversities of sect, faith, caste, creed and from political, economic, linguistic and provincial differences amongst Hindus”.

Sangh strives to unite all Hindus regardless of the caste. It believes in building a strong Nation through this unity. Sangh parivar has brought many Dalits and people from other backward castes who had been victims of casteism, to the forefront as our leaders and administrators in key governmental positions.

How could one disregard leaders like Shri Narendra Modi, Shri Ramnath Kovind, Shri Kalyan Singh, Ms.Uma Bharti, Shri Gopinath Munde, Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan, Dr.Suraj Bhan, Shri.Kariya Munda, Shri Jual Oram, belonging to Dalit/other backward castes who were once RSS pracharaks?

Vanavasi Kalyan Ashram (Organisation for the improvement of tribals), Friends Of Tribal Society, Anusuchit Jati-Jamati Arakshan Bachao Parishad (Organisation for the improvement of Dalits), Ekal Vidyalaya (Involved in free education and village development in rural and tribal areas of India) are some of the organisations belonging to Sangh Parivar, that are involved in the empowerment of Dalits/Backward castes.

Muslim Rashtriya Manch: Is a Muslim wing of Sangh Parivar. It has over 10,000 swayam sevaks and continues to grow. It was founded in 2002 with the aim of re-bridging the friendship between Muslims and Hindus. Be it with the singing of Vande Mataram by Muslims or celebrating Yoga day, MRM has always put the Nation before religion.


Rashtra Sevika Samiti, Shiksha Bharati, Durga Vahini are exclusively for women, that share Sangh Parivar ideology.

Their preamble is “Woman is the inspiring force for the family and for the nation. So long as this force is not awakened, society cannot progress”.

These organisations aim at empowering women through education, self defence training and cultural training.

It teaches women to push their boundaries and harness their inner strength. It teaches a woman can effectively do all the three;

  • Matrutva (Universal Motherhood)
  • Kartrutva (Efficiency and Social Activism)
  • Netrutva (Leadership)

The organization believes that all women have the capability to create a strong society.


Yes, Sangh parivar does promote Hinduism and Bharatiya Sanskriti. It believes in Hindu Rashtra. It believes in the Hindu way of life. Hinduism is a religion which promotes tolerance, it promotes acceptance of all, it promotes peace and goodwill, it believes in a harmonious society.

While Christianity and Islam are not indigenous to India, Hinduism is. That is where the idea of Hindu Rashtra originated from. Now,does it mean Christianity or Islam will not be tolerated in Hindu Rashtra? Absolutely not, because as mentioned earlier, Hinduism promotes tolerance and goodwill.

Like Shri Golwalkar had said in 1972;

“Allegations against Hindus being anti-Muslims or anti-Christians are born out of petty mentality and confusions. There is no truth to it. All these are falsehoods. Hindu is not against anybody.

We must assert with complete resolve that, yes, we are Hindus. This is our dharma, our culture, our society; and built from all this is our Nation. Our birth is only to build a powerful, capable, grand, radiant sovereign life. We must motivate people for this mission. There is no need to be embarrassed or be afraid in declaring this belief”.

True to its beliefs, Sangh Parivar encourages, teaches and instils Bharatiya Sanskriti.

We believe in touching the feet of our elders and seeking their blessings, we are taught to see God in our parents,teachers and guests. We are taught to revere Cow as Gau Mata. Hinduism teaches us to see God in our elements, be it water, Earth or fire.

If learning, teaching and practicing our Sanskriti is called regressive mindset, so be it. We proudly embrace that tag.

The youth of today are much smarter and sharper than what it was perhaps a few decades ago. They are keen observers. They can tell when being wronged, no matter how subtle and how gradual the process is. They can spot the propaganda,the false narratives, the soft brain washing. Most of all, they are no longer afraid to stand up for themselves, stand up for dharma. They are no longer afraid to call out the bluff. They realise who really wants to serve the Nation, who wants to create a better society. Perhaps this is the reason, the last couple of years have seen an exponential increase in our youth leaning towards Sangh ideology.

May the Sangh ideology continue to grow, may Bharat become a “Hindu Rashtra” in the truest sense and may peace and harmony prevail.

Rupa Murthy