Debunking the Mother of Fake News! Is it true that Union Minister KJ Alphons took a selfie with a Martyr’s body just before his cremation?

While millions of Indians were thinking how to choke terror nation Pakistan and make them bleed, the century old Congress party was thinking how to spread fake news. Under the guidance of their immature chief Rahul Gandhi, the Congress party has spread over a dozen of fake news and now it is the time to debunk another notorious fake news spread by the Congress party.

Congress spokesperson Randeep Singh Surjewala held a press conference couple of days ago and said “Modi ji ke paryatan mantri ne to besharmi ki sab hadien tod daali, selfie with dead body of a shaheed, kya isse bhi jyada dardnaak koi baat ho sakti hai aur sharmsaar karne wali.

English Translation: Modi ji’s tourism minister has crossed all the limits of shamelessness. Selfie with the body of a martyr. Can there anything be more painful and shameful?

Have a look at the below image which was presented by Randeep Surjewala to claim that Union Minister of State for Culture and Tourism Alphons Kannanthanam took a selfie front of the body of a martyr.

Image result for Randeep Surjewala Alphons

Looking at the image, anyone would be forced to believe that Union Minister of State for Culture and Tourism Alphons Kannanthanam carried out this shameful act. But wait, pictures can be deceiving. And a cropped image might deceive you even more.

The image that looked like a selfie was originally posted on Alphons’s facebook account but when people started to bash the image, it was deleted. Later Alphons issued a statement and said “The person who handles my social media account got panicky when he saw that I was being trolled for it. Without even consulting me, he deleted it. When I got to know about it, I asked him to repost it along with a couple of other pictures from the same spot”.

The Congress party picked up one of the image of Alphons Kannanthanam and cropped it from sideways so that it would look like a selfie. Have a look at the below image that will expose the lies of Congress party.

Credits: India Today

Yes, this was another fake news spread by Congress party at the cost of CRPF martyrs.

Hansika Raj