Defence Minister hints at demography change in Jammu reason for local support to terrorists…Government pointing at Rohingyas?!

Three days after the Sunjuwan army camp was attacked by terrorists, Defence Minister, Nirmala Sitharaman gave a strong message to Pakistan and terrorists on the incident of Sunjuwan terror attack. While condoling the death of 6 army jawans who were martyred in the terror attack, Mrs Sitharaman said that the anti-terror operation was completed by 10.30 AM and all terrorists were neutralized. She said that the search operation was still underway and the army was working on nabbing locals who provided support to terrorists.

Mrs Sitharaman in the news conference made direct reference to terrorists receiving local support which has been a major concern for an army. She said that the change in demography of Jammu region was the main reason that terrorists were receiving local support. This was in reference to the increasing Rohingya migrants in the region. This was the first time the government endorsed that Rohingya infiltrators were causing great threat to National security. There has been a massive campaign against illegal Rohingya infiltrators throughout the country demanding the government to deport them back.

But the Supreme Court order against deporting Rohingya Muslims caused a major set back to National security. Despite many reports from NIA and IB saying that Rohingyas were being used by terrorists for anti-National activities, the courts have been protecting the Rohingya in the name of human rights.

The government recently gave a strong reply to the Supreme Court saying that the issue of Rohingyas was related to National security and the courts should leave the decision to the executive. The government also said that India cannot be turned into refugee capital of the world and appropriate action needs to be taken against Rohingyas. The central government gave a report that around 40,000 Rohingyas were residing in India and were mainly distributed in parts of Jammu, West Bengal and Bihar. These Rohingya refugees were getting fake AADHAAR cards, elections IDs and voter cards through which they were infiltrating into the system causing serious concern about security.

For the first time, Nirmala Sitharaman brought the issue of Rohingyas, indicating that they were helping terrorists in Jammu Kashmir. It is now the responsibility of the government to take stringent action against the Rohingyas refugees by deporting them back immediately.

Aishwarya S


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