Defence Minister makes stunning revelations!!! 4 senior Congress leaders including Rahul Gandhi helped Nirav Modi to loot Rs 11,400 crores

As expected, the Nirav Modi’s links with the Congress party is getting exposed with every passing minute. Though proofs emerged that the scam was started in the year 2011 when UPA was ruling India, the Congress tried to shift the blame on the Modi government.

But now the revelation made by India’s defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has exposed the Congress party once again. Defence Minister has come up with evidence that has nailed 4 Congress leaders. The first to get exposed is the Congress President Rahul Gandhi for having close links with Nirav Modi.

Rahul Gandhi nailed by the Defence Minister!

  • Gitanjali Gems was suspended for 6 months from doing business on NSE in 2013. On September 13, 2013, Rahul Gandhi attended a promotional event of this jewellery group.
  • You promote Geetanjali Gems, give them building on lease, your wife is a Director and allege us of wrong-doing.

WATCH!!! BJP produces documents to link Singhvi to Niravgate

Abhishek Manu Singhvi, his wife and son nailed by Defence Minister!

  • Fire Star Diamond International Pvt Ltd. is one of the companies of Nirav Modi. They have acquired it from Advait Holdings and one of the shareholders of it, since 2002, is Anita Singhvi. (Senior Congress leader Abhishek Manu Singhvi’s wife).
  • The property of Adwait Holdings Pvt Ltd, whose directors are wife and son of Congress leader Abhishek Manu Singhvi, Anita Singhvi and Avishkar Singhvi, is rented to Nirav Modi’s jewellery company in Mumbai. Both companies have also done loan transactions. Despite the clear link with them, Congress party has the audacity to point fingers at BJP?
  • All the inheritance, legacy and property in this case belong to the Congress party. They are the beneficiaries and promoters. It is shocking that Congress party is questioning us when we have acted against these misdeeds.

Congress helped Nirav Modi to loot Rs 11,400,00,00,000 and now are mocking the poor and hand working Pakoda sellers!

  • Nirav Modi may have been able to run away from the country but the government is taking action against him. The entire might of the government has been invoked to pin the culprit Nirav Modi in the fraud case immediately after it came to light.
  • Our country’s custodians is busy advising us to make ‘pakodas’. Today the situation is such that the custodian is sleeping and the thief has run away.

After this massive expose, Congress leader Shehzad Poonawalla slammed his own party saying “Questions need to be answered by Modi govt and questions need to answered by Manmohan govt”.

Yesterday, Dinesh Dubey, the former director of the Allahabad Bank exposed how Congress let the scam take place. He said “When I opposed the Gitanjali Gems loan proposal, my fight with Allahabad Bank board got really intense and dirty. They tried to persuade, mollify and even threaten me but I said such loans to the corporates without recovery will only add to more non-performing assets. I also wrote to the Reserve Bank of India and secretary, financial services in the Ministry of Finance in my effort to warn them of a massive scam looming large. My request was to take immediate preventive action and keep a watch on all the companies linked to Choksi’s firm, as they were accumulating loans without making payments to the bank.”

For exposing this, Dinesh Dubey was threatened and forced to resign.

Now that the Congress’ links with Nirav Modi are exposed, will Rahul Gandhi dare to blame PM Modi? Will he drop his aim of becoming India’s Prime Minister even after getting entangled with scams? The nation wants to know Mr Rahul Gandhi, are you a business partner of Nirav Modi?

Hansika Raj


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