How did Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal Managed to Get More than 10 Million Followers on Twitter?

Prominent newsgroup has claimed that Delhi’s CM recently managed to cross 10 million followers mark on the microblogging site. He is termed as the second most followed Indian politician on Twitter.

His followers tag most of his tweets as dumb, senseless, and rumorous. But almost everyone may agree that some of the tweets are hilarious (though Delhi’s CM himself may not be aware that they sound hilarious).

He often releases so-called “proofs” and “documents” on his Twitter account, and the material becomes laughing stock within few hours. The most recent one was “bribe paid to Gujarat’s CM” document. On the basis of the concerned document, Kejriwal and his former colleague claimed that PM Modi had received a bribe from Birla and Sahara while he was Gujarat’s CM.

Some of the replies received on his tweet would make you laugh until you cry-

Becoming laughing stock on social media was not enough for some people, and they decided to approach the court with the same “evidence.” On November 25, 2016, the Supreme Court criticized senior lawyer Prashant Bhushan for presenting what they called-unauthentic, zero, and fictitious documents in the court. Bhushan claimed that a whistleblower supplied it to him.

Slinging mud at people and running away

Kejriwal is often accused of slinging mud at people and running away. He made several allegations against BJP leaders on Twitter, but was forced to apologize and compromise when leaders took him to the court and urged him to provide evidence to support his allegations. Take cases filed by Union Minister Nitin Gadkari and Arun Jaitley as examples.

Delhi’s CM is also famous for taking a u-turn on multiple issues. The world witnessed his first u-turn in December 2012 when he joined hands with Congress to form his government in Delhi. This was the same party that he and his mentor often criticized for corruption. After coming to power, he took his second u-turn. Kejriwal never used his 300 pages of evidence to get Delhi’s former CM Sheila Dikshit arrested via court as promised before Delhi polls.

At one point, AAP chief had called President Pranab Mukherjee as a corrupt person. Later, Kejriwal himself invited the president to visit schools in Delhi and address the children. He had criticized Tamil Nadu’s CM late Jayalalitha multiple times, after her sudden demise, he showed crocodile tears.

Kejriwal’s biggest u-turn was perhaps his decision to use demonetization decision just for criticizing PM Modi again. Experts have tagged demonetization move as a root and branch attack on corruption. Its success ratio would be clearly visible during the next few months. Instead of waiting for results, AAP Chief decided to oppose it. He did not hesitate to stand with leaders from world’s most corrupt political party. He even stood with those accused of looting poor citizen’s money in chit fund scam.

The entertainment factor

Akshara Damle, a renowned psychologist based in Bangalore shared his opinion about Kejriwal’s followers on Twitter.

“Arvind Kejriwal created a storm as a common man starting a political party. This grabbed the attention of a large number of people who started following him on Twitter. In the recent times, he has gained popularity by criticizing Prime Minister Narendra Modi. This urged two sections of people to follow him, namely, Modi admirers and Modi haters. PM’s admirers followed him only to criticize him for his tweets against Modi, while admirers can be from opposition parties who love reading the usual anti-BJP rant,”- said the young psychologist.

Akshara also pointed out that his tweets offer fun. People probably consider him worth following so that they can read something funny in between their stressful life.

Nitten Gokhaley

The author is a consultant journalist; you can follow him on Twitter- Nitten4u