Delhi environment minister Imran Hussain says Hindu cremation causes pollution!

We have been witnessing AAP’s political filth for a long time. The CM of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal, has been using bad language to attack opposition. So much so, that he has practically left no opportunity to direct attention his own way. Now, we know that he has accused BJP in the past, on different points.

Only recently we reported that the Delhi CM is shying away from his political duties. He has been seen actively campaigning in Punjab, ignoring Delhi citizens. The capital city has been hit by severe cold, but CM is nowhere in sight to help these poor people. It was Kejriwal, who had promised to be there for the welfare of the poor. What else does his anti-corruption brigade mean?

We also know that Delhi is hit by severe pollution. Last year, we have odd-even, which did not make much difference to the poor air quality of Delhi. Every year we follow the same pattern of no-solution to the real problem. The Delhi government has failed us. They have not given us any workable solution, to reduce pollution and improve our future health prospects. The odd-even solution was a temporary handle, and that too, irked many common people. People only ended up paying more for using the public service like private taxis.

Instead of focusing on the matter at hand, AAP MLA’s seem to be losing their mind. Recently, the Delhi Environment Minister, another name from AAP cabinet, made a shocking statement on Hindu cremation ritual.

Imran Hussain, the Delhi Environment Minister and AAP leader, has a solution to Delhi’s pollution problem. Hindu cremation using wood pyres, which in his opinion, contributes ‘considerably’ to air pollution.

Imran has written a letter to the Centre asking for a standardised policy on green crematoria as “cremation alone accounts considerably to air pollution“. In his letter, Hussain said that banning the use of wood in crematoria and switching to electric or CNG mode does not appear to be a tenable solution because of religious beliefs, and mentioned that his Government has tasked CSIR National Environment Engineering Research Institute with the work of creating engineering designs for creating non-polluting crematoria.

Why is Imran targeting only Hindu cremation grounds now? There are bigger challenges to address. What happened to other solutions like old diesel cars? What happened to adopting safe practices for construction? Hindu crematoriums are not a major factor, so why he is even focused on it?

This leaves us in serious doubts that AAP government is not serious about resolving the issue at hand, and rather, focused only on politicking every bit. Better they accept that they don’t have any real solution, as of now.

Pooja Bhatia