Delhi Police bust Pakistani ISI terrorist module conspiring with D-Company for murdering senior RSS leaders

After busting of an Islamic State module named ‘Harkat-ul-Harb-A’, Delhi Police has now busted another Pakistan-Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) terrorist module.

The intent of this terrorist group was to incite riots in the country. Their plans were to kill the senior leaders of the RSS (RSS) in Mangaluru, Karnataka and thereby creating violence all over the nation. The Special Cell of Delhi Police has arrested three suspects, including an Afghan national. Many dignitaries of Delhi were also there on the list of terrorists.

The three suspects arrested have been identified as Mohammed (Afgan National), Sheikh Riazuddin (Delhi-resident) and Muhatsim CM (from Kasargod, Kerala). The police suspect the involvement of gangster Dawood Ibrahim’s D-Company in this as one of the arrested suspects had worked as Dawood Ibrahim’s close associate in his party Ghulam Rasool Patti.

“The conspiracy to kill RSS leaders has been created by the underworld gang D-Company. It is led by gangster Dawood Ibrahim, who is allegedly hiding in Pakistan under ISI protection” said police
One of the arrested suspects is believed to be the mastermind behind this terror plot. After the Gujarat riots, the suspect had fled and he is also the same terrorist who is accused of involvement in the murder of BJP leader Haren Pandya.

About four months ago, the conspiracy to kill RSS leaders at different places was caught when Indian agencies had tapped the phone calls of the suspects in which the plans of the killings were revealed. Since then the police tracked the suspects and after this, now two of his colleagues were arrested, one from Delhi, the other was arrested in Kerala.

These terrorist groups were allegedly in touch with their Pakistan-based operators and they also acquired weapons to implement their plan.

On the basis of input and technical analysis, the police indicated that a deep conspiracy was hatched in India by ISI and its operatives to spread terror in the minds of people to create instability in the country. The police have now started a thorough investigation in the case.

Few days ago NIA in a joint-operation with Anti-terrorism squad of the Uttar Pradesh police has busted an Islamic State module named ‘Harkat-ul-Harb-e-Islam’ based in Delhi and UP that was allegedly planning attacks in North India, especially Delhi.

The agency has seized weapons and sophisticated explosives for the planned terror attacks from the suspects. 100 mobiles, 135 SIMs, laptops, Rs 7.5 lakh cash, over 100 alarm clocks(which were to be used as timers), batteries, potassium nitrate, potassium chlorate, sugar paste, sulphur, pipes, 12 pistols, 150 rounds ammo, country made rocket launcher, material to prepare bulletproof vest all were recovered from the attackers. ISIS flags were also seized from the suspects.

Thanks to Modi Government for providing free hand to agencies and army. It is because of them only that we people are sitting safely at our homes and any terrorists who wish to harm the country is caught and handled before he could implement his nefarious plans. Modi Government has provided us safe heaven. Do vote for Modi Government so that we can sit safely at our homes.

Source : India Today