Delhi’s Health Minister Satyendra Jain caught in massive money laundering scam!

In what could be a further dent in Aam Aadmi Party’s alleged clean image, health minister Satyendra Jain has been issued a fresh notice with respect to his supposed involvement in Hawala Scam. IT department sleuths have stated that Jain was involved in money laundering by using shell companies as a front for the same. AAP which claimed to bring revolution in politics has been embroiled in numerous conspiracies ever since Kejriwal took oath as CM. Many of his ministers are even languishing in jail for their involvement in numerous cases. A party that was to change the face of politics has been left with egg on its face with this development. Of course, the party claims all this is an attempt by PM Modi led central government to malign the image of Kejriwal ahead of Punjab polls.

Satyendra Jain’s annual income was around 8 lakhs in the year 2011. Interestingly, over the next few years hawala transfer to the tune of 16 crores rupees was received by him through his proxy companies. Even during the financial year 2011-2012, Jain had used his companies to do illegal money transactions of 3.53 crores. Following its finding of irregularities in financial transactions, the IT department had first issued a notice in September 2016. A fresh notice was then issued to Jain on December 26 with a time frame of 30 days to reply to the said notice. It is said that he bought 80 acres of land with illegal money. Not only was the purchase made with black money, but the land purchased was unauthorised too.

Not surprisingly, Kejriwal and his party have come out in support of Jain, alleging vendetta by PM Modi. Deputy CM Manish Sisodia said that that Jain had already replied to the notice issued to him and all this was being done simply to harass prominent AAP leaders. AAP is of the opinion that more such cases would be filed against its ministers ahead of Punjab polls to malign the image of the party and that CBI was being used as a political tool. All these allegations notwithstanding, the point to ponder is that Arvind Kejriwal was one of the most vocal opponents of Demonetisation, only next to Mamata Banerjee.  It is a well known fact that black money hoarders and hawala operators and dealers were affected the most due to demonetisation. It isn’t, therefore, difficult to surmise why AAP has been opposing the move right from the start. What other skeletons AAP and its leaders have hidden in their cupboards, only time will tell.