Demonetization and Amit Shah! Congress party once again spreads lies against BJP President Amit Shah

The Grand Old Party of India is left with no more issues to raise against the BJP. And now they are into resorting to Mudslinging, Communal Disharmony through false allegations, vote polarization through minority appeasement and caste engineering by breaking Hindus further!! This will again get dirtier by the Congress stooping low day after day.

Here comes the Congress again with poor Home Work and hence their allegation falls flat on its face. Congress trying to defame and blame the BJP President Amit Shah falls down badly. NABARD’s press Release suggests Bank had 100% KYC Compliance. Only 0.09% accounts exchanged money more than 2.5 Lakh. Average amount deposited 46,795₹.

So by this logic whatever money one is/has depositing in Kotak Bank or HDFC Bank then, Mr. Uday Kotak or Mr.. Dipak Parekh became rich by that amount? Hain???

Considering the size of the DCCB Bank and fact that average deposit /customer during demonetization period was Rs. 46,795 (much lower than 2.5 Lakh limit set), can question of scam arise? But Rahul Gandhi and his Sold media team will still go ahead and spread Fake News!!

We strongly criticize the INC for spreading this high standard Fake News about Amit Shah with malafide intention. Here’s the proof provided to this fact:

Those trending ShahZyadaKhaGaya targeting Amit Shah conveniently forget close aide of Ajay Maken in Delhi Congress,ex MLA, chief campaigner in MCD polls & often spotted with Gandhis was arrested for money laundering post demo!

Whose black money was he converting to White?

Congress leader Saifuddin Soz demands Independence for Kashmir!! Congress leader Ghulam Nabi Azad claims Indian army has killed more civilians than terrorists in Jammu and Kashmir !! To divert attention from all these serious claims, the Congress is baselessly trying to trend this on Twitter. But do not realise that people are aware of the fact. And none of us are ready to get fooled!!

Here’s what the President of Congress tweeted: 

Congratulations Amit Shah ji , Director, Ahmedabad Dist. Cooperative Bank, on your bank winning 1st prize in the conversion of old notes to new race. 750 Cr in 5 days!

Millions of Indians whose lives were destroyed by Demonetisation, salute your achievement.

Can someone please ask the Congress President who caused this initial damage to the people of India?? Who was it who looted Indians in the past 70 years?? And you claim that Demonetization has looted Indians? Mr. Rahul do you even realize what positive effect it had on the common people? It was only those corrupt businessmen and politicians who were effected.



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