On demonetization anniversary, Rahul Gandhi scores a massive self goal which has put Congress leaders into deep embarrassment

The Congress spear headed the attack on demonetisation with this tweet of Rahul Gandhi. In the below tweet, we can spot a senior citizen who is crying outside the bank and the reason for his tears is PM Modi’s demonetisation according to Rahul Gandhi.

At the first look, anyone may be sympathetic to this senior citizen and curse PM Modi for his ‘Note Ban’ move. But let me tell you that the person seen in Rahul Gandhi’s tweet is a real life is a admirer of PM Modi’s ‘Note Ban’.

The man in the tweet is Mr Nandlal who was a former service man. The personal view of Mr Nandal and PM Modi is quite similar and he had even appreciated demonetisation move. Mr Nandal also said that he didn’t cry for demonetisation but for some other reason.

“India is benefited from Modi’s demonetisation and has also given perfect reply to the terrorists who were troubling India”, says Mr Nandlal.

Watch below!!!

As usual, the tweet was flooded with comments that had proofs which made the point clear that Rahul Gandhi and his family lost billions of dollars due to demonetisation.

The tweet of Rahul Gandhi was shamed by BJP President Amit Shah also!!!

Why Rahul Gandhi hates the historic demonetisation move that demolished the back bone of corrupts? Why Rahul Gandhi is so frustrated on demonetisation that stopped stone pelting in J&K?

A chartered accountant reiterated that Rahul Gandhi is the star campaigner of BJP government. Due to Rahul’s blunders on a daily base, BJP is increasing its vote base in nooks and corners of India.

Since November 8, 2016 Congress is leading in spreading fake news!!!

Political activist of Indian National Congress was spreading a news saying that while the entire nation was struggling to get Rs 4000, banks were secretly distributing Rs 10 lakh new 2000 notes to Nalini Maurya who was the daughter of BJP UP chief Keshav Maurya.

The tweet below proved that the Congress IT cell was busy spreading fake news!!!

Sanjay Jha and Congress twitter handle had gone one step ahead to use photos of 2013 Kenyan election to provoke the people against Modi’s ‘Note Ban’.

Brijesh Kalappa, Congress member and Legal advisor to government of Karnataka showed his creativity by showing a image of 2015. Yes, according to Brijesh Kalappa, people were protesting against PM Modi’s demonetisation in the year 2015.

Here is a list of renowned economists who supported PM Modi’s demonetisation!!!

1. Surjit Bhalla-Economist professor at Delhi school of Economics, worked at world bank
2. Bibek Debroy-member of Niti ayog, leading economist and a think tank
3. Arvind Virmani- Former India’s representative at IMF, former CEA
4. Arun Jaitley-Current FM
5. Urjit Patel-World’s leading economist in inflation, Current RBI chief
6. Sri S Gurumurthy- Leading economist in south India
7. Rana Kappor-MD and CEO, Yes bank
8. Shamika Ravi-Senior Member of Brooking India
9. D Subbharao-Former RBI governor of India
10. Kenneth rogoff- former IMF chief
11. YV reddy- former RBI governor
12. Bimal Jalan- Former RBI governor
13. Buddhadeb Dasgupta- Former professor Shyamasunder college
14. Nandan Nilekani- President of NCAER

Credits: Anuj Agarwal

Hansika Raj