Is Demonetization the Beginning of the End of Kejriwal??

Kejriwals of Indian politics are half dead…period! Please don’t revive them by your response to their rants. After the strong pest killer sprayer by PM Modi called ‘Demonetization’ the hidden cockroaches have come out of their hiding places. The fake corruption crusaders have thrown away their disguise. The corrupt politicians who were thriving on piled up black money are now writhing in unimaginable agony.   They are making abnormal sounds which are irritating us Indians. It is too tough either to ignore or to keep cool on their maniacal statements. But why lose patience over the dying pests? These filthy cockroaches are best dead to make our country hygienic and clean.

The test of pudding is in eating. If you have any doubt in your mind about the near end of the corrupt politicians like Kejriwal, just check the facts since Demonetization announcement on 8th November. Kejriwal has suddenly lost his keen interest in the upcoming elections of the border states of Punjab and Goa. His incessant rallies in Gujarat have been postponed. AAP has opted out of upcoming BMC election in Mumbai. AAP has opted out of contesting in Chandigarh Municipal Corporation Election. With black money losing its value after Demonetization, AAP seems to have lost ambitions to widen its horizon.

Kejriwal had successfully fooled and trapped the citizens of Delhi by luring them with freebies, hinting leniency to babus and baniyas, Media support and creating ruckus over fake church attacks. To create such a perfect stage for election needs a lot of cash. Leaving the captured Delhi to its miserable fate, Kejriwal  has been  eying the border state Punjab since months . There was never a scarcity of cash with Arvind Kejriwal.  His pro- Pakistan and anti-Indian army statements must have earned him enough hawala cash from Pakistan. Then he has his NGO links with Ford Foundation for procuring huge chunks of money. But Demonetization has crashed all the cash network of Kejriwal instantly.  IT department recovered unaccounted wealth of Rs 130 Crore with AAP MLA, Kartar Singh Tanwar on 9th November. AAP has transitioned from bad to worse, Thanks to PM Modi’s Demonetization move.

Since Demonetization, Kejriwal is giving most bizarre and idiotic statements than ever. Looks like this Congress mouthpiece has been the biggest victim of Demonetization. His tweets, videos and statements are rebuffed by Indians vigorously. Kejriwal is scared to enter public places due to huge contempt in the minds of people for him. But just because Kejriwal is getting scalded on Social media, Indian Express has called Kejriwal the new rage on Social Media. His attention seeking techniques are yielding results. Negative publicity is publicity after all.

Kejriwal’s Social Media supporters are known as ‘Aaptards’. They are mostly the supporters with monetary benefits. Their rates for standing in support of their leaders are fixed. To create an illusion of strong support from public, these Aaptards create many fake accounts on Twitter and retweet the illogical rants of TwitterCM Kejriwal without blinking an eye. Now since Demonetization, these supporters are jobless just like stone pelters of Kashmir. They will vanish soon. Hence, ‘Bhakts’ should bide their time and let these corrupt politicians go into oblivion without much ado.

Mainstream Media has the power to bring any Tom, Dick or Harry to limelight. Remember how  Kanhaiyya of ‘Azadi’ Brigade had his days of sunshine when the channels like NDTV covered him 24/7.But, going with the mood of nation and outrage of Indians, the Paid Media had to discard him, grudgingly if so. Kejriwal is another creation of media. Hence,after becoming CM of Delhi, he has been most liberal in funding media. When the overall budget of Delhi Government for the financial year amounted to Rs 41,120 Crore, a whopping share of Rs 526 Crore was paid to Media for Advertising and publicity. It was 2200% more than the previous budget balanced with the curtailments in the budgets for other areas like Roads and Infrastructure, Nutrition and so on. Apart from this controversial official budget, other funding options like Hawala, NGOs also make a major contribution. No wonder if the Paid Media pays back with equal gratitude! But with demonetization, pampering of media will come to halt.

As Indian citizens, let’s focus on the issues of importance and stand in support of our PM Modi in this historical move of Demonetization. Trivialities are best ignored.

Jyothi Suparna Chincholi