Demonetization : This Video Will Kill Almost All Rumors!

In the world of Information, Now Vested Interests and Political Strategist misusing the social platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter to confuse people. Every time Decision is taken by Government and before Government give complete information, IT Cell of Political Parties start their propaganda message to dilute the significance and confuse people by Mis informing them.
From OROP to Demonetization It is now usual habit and it is making these social platform dilute.

Many Social Media News Agencies like India Times and The Wire too Do propaganda. We need to stand for Truth. They benefit from the fact that you have less time to dig for truth.

This Video is an attempt to expose all rumors around Demonetization.
It might be possible that all are not covered but You will get 90% rumors expose here.

I invite you here to comment any other rumor, We will try to expose that too.

Abhishek Kumar


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