Desi Cabinet Of Boris Johnson! Three Indian Origin MP’s Get Top Roles In The UK Cabinet!

After a landslide victory in the 2019 general elections, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has appointed three ministers of Indian origin to his Cabinet of 21. The three ministers Rishi Sunak, Alok Sharma, and Priti Patel have held top roles in the UK government, according to media reports.

UK’s PM Boris Johnson was restructuring his cabinet for the first time since the 2019 General Election. On Wednesday, he appointed Rishi Sunak as the new finance minister in his cabinet. Rishi is among the three Indian-origin ministers in his team.

Infosys co-founder Narayana Murthy’s son-in-law Rishi Sunak has been appointed as the new Finance Minister of the United Kingdom. 39-year-old Rishi Sunak, of Indian origin, took over the reigns as Chancellor from Sajid Javid.

He is among the three Indian-origin ministers in Johnson’s team. The other two, Priti Patel and Alok Sharma were inducted into the British Cabinet in July last year, along with Sunak.

Rishi Sunak

Rishi Sunak was born in the UK to a general practitioner father and pharmacist mother.  Sunak made news in India upon his marriage to Akshata Murthy, the daughter of Infosys co-founder N R Narayana Murthy and author Sudha Murthy.

Sunak previously worked as a top-level investment executive managing multimillion pound ventures, and has degrees from Oxford and Stanford universities. In 2015, he was elected to the British Parliament from the Richmond constituency.

Priti Patel

Priti Patel hails from Tarapur in Gujarat’s Anand district. She  was appointed as Britain’s new Home Secretary. She will be in charge of immigration, crime and policing, counter-terrorism and drugs policy. She is an old Eurosceptic and a powerful backer of Brexit, and one of Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s main supporters within the Conservative Party.

Born in London in March 1972 to Sushil and Anjana Patel, she went to school in Watford. She studied economics at Keele University, before completing her postgraduate studies at the University of Essex.

Alok Sharma

Alok Sharma, age 51 is a chartered accountant and has a degree in Applied Physics. He worked in corporate finance for 16 years.

Agra-born Alok Sharma is the UK’s new Secretary of State for International Development– the British government department which administers foreign aid. He is the fifth occupant of the cabinet post in the past four years.

Sharanya Alva


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