Despite Extreme Good Work by PM Modi, What is the Biggest Hurdle He May Face in the Next Elections???

After 60 years, India got such Prime Minister who doesn’t hesitate to take any decision for the betterment of the country, even to an extent of risking his entire political carrier. Since two years of his governance, there are more than 30 different people welfare schemes he has introduced which directly benefit the people on ground level.

The steps taken to provide bank accounts to every individual of the country was a path breaking reform which became Guinness World Record.  His reforms are based on the long term solution which probably had to be done 70 years back post independence. But unfortunately, the successive Prime Minister starting from Jawaharlal Nehru never thought development of country was prime importance.

Nobody ever expected that a person of such humble background was more capable than many Oxford & Cambridge graduates in rectifying the economy within short time. The present policies, schemes break the tradition of giving freebies and ensure a secure future for the people of the country. The best examples are Jan Dhan, Mudra, Farmer Insurance, Accident insurance, Housing for all, 24/7 electricity, LPG schemes. These are some of the basic necessity of every common man and should have been given atleast 20 years back.

Despite all the good steps taken, he has to shield himself from media, his opponents who constantly spread fake propaganda. But the worst part is, some of his own people in the party (MPs) do not support him. Yes, it’s true that he enjoys the maximum support of people, recent survey after demonetization showed that over 85% people supported Modi and believed that he is the only person who can change the system.

But it’s not all easy for Narandra Modi to assume that he will win every election. The main reason is not because of opposition but because of his own people. Yes, some of the MPs in BJP who won in the name of Modi haven’t visited their constituency even once after two and half years, half the people do not know what schemes Narendra Modi has started and how will they benefit people. Not once have they involved in any flagships program like Swachh Bharat or popularizing Mudra or LPG Schemes.

Worst of all, some of these people are DRUNK on POWER and have turned EXTREMELY ARROGANT! They have forgotten that they won because of Modi wave and by the hard work of the karyakarthas on ground. Ever since they won the elections they have literally neglected the karyakarthas and have treated them as filth.

It reminds me of a very recent incident where a BJP Karyakartha (name not disclosed) who works for 18-20 hours a day for BJP, countering media lies, fake news and spreading the good work of Modi and his government was humiliated in an MP’s (name not disclosed) office. This karyakartha had NOT VISITED the office to demand any favour, he just happened to meet the MP at his office and wished him good.

But the BJP MP thought he was so GREAT that he felt ashamed to speak for a minute to a Karyakartha. He was so impatient to listen and when the Karyakartha wished him good luck…..his reply was, “Convey to my PA”!!!

There was also an incident 2 months back, when one of the Karyakartha had met a BJP MP who was so arrogant that he treated him like a beggar. The Karyakartha is a man who has given job to over 100 people in his company but he was humble enough to describe himself as a BJP worker, to which the MP replied… “So What? Did Modi or Amit Shah ask you to work for BJP?!”

Will he ask the same question to those thousand volunteers who helped Modi during 2014 campaign???

Not all people meet MP’s to get money, power or favour, there are also people who genuinely want to work for Nation so atleast let them learn to treat another person with respect!

So imagine with this attitude, will anyone want to help these people? Do these people deserve to be called MP’s??? Before 2014, during the Congress regime, many ground level Congress workers had complained about the arrogant attitude of ministers and MP’s who treat small workers like termites, but unfortunately the disease is now spreading to BJP as well.

Some of those people who can’t win a Municipality elections on their own, used the name of Narendra Modi to become first time MP’s and now even before they could complete one term they consider themselves Immortal!  It is also true that not all MP’s or ministers are arrogant and are working really hard for the country, we need to accept that “one rotten apple spoils the whole barrel”!

The reason this issue was racked up because of the constant complaints being heard from ground level workers who are contributing 10 times more service to people and helping Modi government than the so called MP’s who have vanished after elections.

If these MP’s had worked half the time of what Modi works, he did not have had to put tears in his recent Goa speech after demonetization explaining his struggle to fight against black money!!!

Aishwarya S