Despite negative publicity by media, PM Modi’s popularity on the rise, why?

The Narendra Modi government has completed 3 years at the centre. While many claim that this is the best Indian government till date, critics say that PM Modi has failed to deliver on ‘Achhe Din’. The PM’s popularity is on the rise and the UP election results were testimony to the fact. Now, the point is if PM Modi really failed to deliver on his promise, why has he become the mightiest political leader in Indian History.

Let’s take a look at what the PM has done over the last 3 years. 

Critics argue that there has not been enough job opportunities. But what they have failed to look at is PM Modi’s Mudra loan initiative. This is an important initiative which has given loan to 8 crore businesses, mostly micro (like carpenters, flower vendors etc). This has been one of the most significant initiatives as it aims at providing a regular source of income to people, without worrying about the initial capital to be invested. Through this initiative crores of jobs have been created. This is no ordinary feat. Since these jobs are in the informal sector, even the Government  has not been able to capture the actual number of jobs created. It is also true that people have bigger aspirations now. The people want to have a bright and secure future.

PM Modi’s 3 year term has already seen electricity reach some of the remotest villages at a fast pace. If you take the example of UP alone, PM has provided electricity to more remote villages when compared to previous governments (combined) in the state. The cost of power has been reduced through corruption less e-auctions has made power affordable and accessible. UDAY scheme has given a new lease of life to State Electricity Boards, staggering towards bankruptcy.

There have been special initiatives for the poor. The Jan Dhan Yojana, Rupay cards, subsidized LED bulbs, free cooking gas connections to 2 crore poor families. The noble initiative of ‘Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao’ has received a very good response. Many celebrities have come supported the cause. Construction of toilets through the Clean India Mission and financial aid to pregnant women have been taken with an aim of empowering the common citizens.

The previous governments had done nothing for the farmers. PM Modi has taken several initiatives for farmers such as e-nam, Mandis, Neem coated urea( ensuring urea is available to genuine farmers) , low premium crop insurance. But the problems have not been totally resolved and the Modi government is well aware of the fact. The Modi government is constantly working to improve in the agricultural sector.

Since we are the fastest growing economies in the world, Infrastructure is also the top focus. Allocations have been made for Highways & rural roads to improve connectivity. Airports, Railway stations, smart cities, broadband connectivity are all likely to help the nation grow at a rapid rate.

Modi has attracted a greater FDI from foreign countries. Nations such as Japan, UAE and a host of others have invested billions of dollars in India. There is no room for the tainted scam-hit past to repeat itself under the Modi rule. There have been transparent e-auctions of Coal and spectrum. The Central Government has not forgotten the supreme sacrifices of our soldiers and implemented the OROP (One Rank One Pension). PM Modi has also had a fairly successful foreign policy with most Asian neighbours (excluding Pakistan & China).India for the first time has had the capacity to speak to other countries on equal terms.

The historical decision of demonetization was unprecedented in Indian history. PM Modi also showed the world that he was ready to take any risk to take on the corrupt. This indirectly affected terrorists and maoists, as their funding was carried out through fake 500 & 1000 rupee notes. The surgical strikes conducted across the border reminded our hostile neighbors that we were no more on the defensive. It also displayed the valor and capacity of the Indian Army.The strikes were carried out on the highest level & hundreds of Pakistani terrorist were killed. While the critics spoke out against note-bandi and surgical strikes, the impact was clearly evident in the UP state elections.

The Prime Minister’s Make in India campaign is a big hit. Mercedes Benz has doubled its annual capacity to 20000 units thanks to the Make in India project. Apart from this there have been other initiatives such as Skill India & Startup India taken by the Modi Government to encourage entrepreneurs and generate employment. The Digital India initiative has been taken so that we head towards a cashless society. PM Narendra Modi’s BHIM (Bharat interface for money) app had already crossed 17 million downloads.

Acche Din may differ by aspiration. For the poor it may be about making the ends meet & preparing for tomorrow. For the middle income groups it may be about getting better jobs and earning more money that may lead to a luxurious life. For the rich, it would mean diversification of businesses and wealth creation. PM Modi also has plans of bringing back the black money stashed abroad. If the wealth from the Swiss Banks is brought back, the poor people will surely benefit.

As PM Modi has stated in many of his speeches, this is a pro-poor government. A government that believes in empowering the poor so that the poor don’t bank on free incentives. They are ready to work for it & all they need are the right resources.

Credit & Source: Ganesan Subramanian

Alok Shetty