Deve Gowda who said he will leave Karnataka if Narendra Modi becomes PM, shares dias with PM Modi during GST launch!

Former PM Deve Gowda was one of the people who in 2014 had claimed that he will leave Karnataka if Narendra Modi becomes Prime Minister of India.

He was against the BJP and especially Modi being announced the Prime Ministerial candidate during the 2014 Lok Sabha elections. The main reason was these people very well knew Modi was a very powerful man and had tremendous support of the people and gave no chance to any competitors.

Deve Gowda and his party claimed that Modi was a communal man and carried the responsibility of 2002 Gujarat riots. They created fear among people saying he will pose threat to minorities in the country. The so called secular parties wanted Muslim votes for which they tried to divide the society in the name of minority appeasement.

It was not just Deve Gowda, but many people from Congress, media and the pseudo liberal and intellectual group had said they will leave the country if Modi wins the elections. One person even went to the extent of saying that he will walk naked on the streets of Delhi if Modi becomes Prime Minister!

But until now not one person have walked the talk! Most of these people are still shamelessly staying in India and have forgotten their own words. Even Deve Gowda who said he will never break his words, is still staying in Karnataka.

But PM Modi has only behaved like a statesman by giving respect to few deserved ones though he was insulted and humiliated to the greatest extent. Infact it is Deve Gowda who should feel embarrassed for speaking rubbish about PM Modi and then share dias with the same person. Deve Gowda who was neglected to the core during the Congress regime today got an opportunity to sit next to PM Modi on the dias during the GST launch. PM Modi is known for his humble attitude. Even when Karnataka CM’s son was hospitalized in Belgium last year, PM Modi was the first person to offer him all help and support which his own party people failed to do and stood with him in times of grief after his son passed away. This shows the difference in attitudes of the two parties.

Aishwarya S