Devendra Fadnavis- A promising visionary in the making !

Devendra Fadnavis is the one brightest CM India has seen in recent years. With just 45 years of age he has indeed proved to be most hard working and committed towards bringing substantial development to Maharashtra.

Most of his initiatives have been aimed to find permanent solution to basic problems like Water scarcity, unemployment and farmers suicide. Apart from this the CM has taken personal interest to interact with farmers in rural areas, visiting mandis to check illegal storage of grains, eliminating middleman to help farmers reap compete benefits. He has also started “Samadhan Setu” an interaction program with the people of his constituency. This program aims to find solutions to people”™s problem on spot with the help of local officials. In his first interaction more than 2000 problems were addressed pertaining to roads, drinking water, eclectic lines and land issues.

He has taken up number of unique initiatives like Jalyukt Shivar with a promise to make Maharashtra drought free in 5 years. “˜Make in Maharashtra”™ and “˜Mumbai Next”™ started to encourage more entrepreneurs and to improve the job prospects in the state. Ensuring power 24 hour supply to entire state with the help of Central government has also been one of the key areas Fadnavis is focusing on.

Jalyukt Shivar, a Government-sponsored integrated water conservation and management scheme is considered one of the most successful initiatives taken up by the CM. The project involves deepening and widening of streams, construction of cement and earthen stop dams, work on nullahs and digging of farm ponds. The government released a whooping 18,000 crore in 2 years to initiate Jalyukt Shivar, fodder camps, farm-pond scheme in which more than 24,000 farmers have been benefited. For women farmers 0 interest loans have been granted and more than 20,000 farmers have utilized this scheme.

The previous governments in past 15 years had allocated just 8,000 crore to farmers as compared to Fadnavis government which has spent 18,000 crore in 2 years. Apart from this, the CM has involved personally in enrolling the farmers in Fasal Bhima Yojana which received an overwhelming response with more than 30% of farmers enrolling in the first 2-3 months.

Maharashtra faced one of the worst droughts in 2016, most of the villages in Vidarbha, Marathwada regions had no drinking water for almost 3 months. CM Fadnavis acted swiftly to supply drinking water to Lathur area by sending more than 24 Trains carrying 5 lakh liters of water every day and recharging more than 10,000 bore wells.

Devendra Fadnavis has shown acute maturity in handling any issues relating to state. He has efficiently handled the unavoidable allies who want to trouble the government on daily basis for power, the media who mostly in the hands of congress are trying their best to malign Fadnavis. But he has shown sheer determination and commitment in his work without getting diverted.

Sharad Pawar and congress government which ruled  for over 15 years have completely turned Maharashtra into a junk yard with unlimited corruption in agriculture, real estate, business and every other aspect. Fadnavis is no new to Politics and has 23 years experience, so he very well knows the dirty tricks media and congress execute. He is slowly trying to bring transparency in the system by implementing technology based solutions.

Fadnavis is known to be a very humble person who comes from a middle-class family. Once during his visit to Sindh area, he had come across a very ill person who was struggling to meet his medical expenses. Devendra Fadnavis on seeing that person had immediately given rupees 50,000 from his salary for the man”™s treatment. He was as a small RSS pracharak and later got into BJP for his honesty and commitment towards work. With his hard work, he became the youngest Mayor in Maharashtra and later the State President of BJP. He is a very warm person, down to earth and speaks to everyone very freely. He interacts with people on social media just like Modi and has great connect to the mass.

CM Fadnavis though looks very soft is a hard task master and holds regular meetings with his staff and ministers to keep track of developmental works and makes sure nothing lies pending for weeks or months. Most of the files are cleared on day to day basis.

He seems to be a promising emerging leader of the future with great vision and commitment for taking India on the path of development.

Aishwarya S