Dharna King Kejriwal Now Faces Protest From His Own Party Members!

The list of donations has long been missing from the website of Aam Aadmi Party. Arvind Kejriwal boasts of the fact that he keeps his party’s donations in the purview of the common public & has nothing to hide. Yet this list has been missing for months, his MLA’s & other bureaucrats are getting arrested in corruption cases, & now he’s fighting for black money since the 8th of November like he once fought against it.

The Satyagraha (insistence for truth) is titled ‘No List, No Donation’. A website by the same name has also been launched. This was started a few months back by Dr. Munish Kumar Raizada when AAP removed its donor list from its website.

Who is Dr. Raizada?

  • He is a Chicago-based doctor, & an ex co-convenor of the NRI cell of the party. During 2013 to 2015 he had put his medical career on hold to help AAP in various capacities. Today he stands suspended from the party.
  • He himself was a very generous donor to the party & did so because he felt that Arvind Kejriwal would truly change the way Indian politics was run.

What is the campaign?

  • AAP took millions of rupees from people abroad as donations, & Arvind Kejriwal vowed that he will keep these donations in public domain to show that AAP is a public-funded party. But this list was brought down from the website in June 2016. This is the reason for the initiation of the ‘No List, No Donation’ campaign.
  • People, including Dr. Raizada, donated & worked for the party whole-heartedly believing that Arvind Kejriwal would stand true to his words of creating & maintaining a transparent political entity unlike most others functioning in the country.
  • The campaign invites people to sign a pledge to not donate to AAP unless it puts back the list of donors on its website.
  • Through this campaign, Dr. Raizada directly questions the self-proclaimed principle of AAP of clean politics with clean money, & how it has backtracked from this promise.

There is no doubt that Arvind Kejriwal has proven to be just like any other politician, maybe even worse. He portrays himself as the epitome of honesty & righteousness yet his party leaders are being arrested or questioned on corruption, molestations, & fake degrees. Kejriwal himself seems adamant on setting the record for the most number of defamation cases! He abuses & accuses even the prime minister of the country wrongly & without a shred of proof just because this means him staying in the limelight. With every passing day & with every accusation & misleading news that he propagates through his twitter account, he is touching new lows in Indian politics. And this is not only angering the common man of the country, but even his own staunch supporters.

(Disgruntled AAP supporters can take a pledge at nolistnodonation.com)

Vinayak Jain