Dhirendra Brahmachari is the only Godman whom Indians can never forget; What’s his link with Indira Gandhi’s Congress

From few days, self proclaimed godman Gurmeeth Ram Rahim is making lot of buzz. As soon as everyone got a hint that he will he sentenced for his rape cases, all those who licked his feet started to tweet against him and even started to blame Modi government for reasons unknown. Meanwhile several cities came to a standstill and even schools and colleges were shut for days. This drama ended up in the death of nearly 3 dozen people.

Baba Ram Rahim was successful in having his influences across Haryana and Punjab but he is just a Lilliput when it comes to another Baba. Yes, Dhirendra Brahmachari is the godman who had controlled the whole nation. Let us not forget that Gandhi family gave him the privilege to control the nation.

Indian politicians had an opinion that the arrogant, don’t care natured Sanjay Gandhi who didn’t even listen to his mother Indira Gandhi had obediently listening to whatever Dhirendra Brahmachari instructed. This was really a tremendous achievement of a yoga instructor. By this we can assess the power of this Baba who was nurtured by Congress.

In the year 1953 in Lucknow, Maharshi Karthikeya had expired in his “Gopal Kher Ashram”. He had led a healthy life for 350 years using a special technique of Yoga. It was believed that those techniques were passed on to his pupil Dhirendra Brahmachari and Haribhakta Chaitanya .

Later on these two requested a philanthropist in Kolkata to support their unique style of yoga from getting extinct. So the philanthropist agreed to bear the Rs 300-350 monthly expenses of these yoga gurus.

After few time, Dhirendra Brahmachari landed in Delhi and started to approach Nehru. He regularly kept sending letters to Nehru-requesting to grant a small room in a government bungalow-which had appreciation from Army officers for his proficiency in Yoga. Soon Nehru opened the door of heaven to him. Nehru ignored the rules and regulations just to grant residence in KC Road to both Dhirendra Brahmachari and Chaithanya. Along with this, to run the yoga class, annually a sum of Rs 20,000 was released.

Meanwhile, Indira Gandhi was suffering with poor health so Nehru thought that few yoga classes from Dhirendra Brahmachari will get her back to track. As soon as Indira became the Prime Minister of India, Dhirendra Brahmachari was gifted 1.8 acres of land. In the financial year 1969-70 he got grants of Rs30,000 and in the next year he got Rs 1.9 lakhs. When Indira got re-elected in Lok Sabha , his ashram got a whopping amount of Rs 3.42 lakhs.

The flight of Dhirendra Brahmachari had taken off during Nehru’s regime so don’t go to ask the amount of freedom enjoyed by this yoga guru when Indira Gandhi was in power. He used Indira Gandhi like a toy, perhaps she got what she wanted from him in return. The understanding between them was so intense that he got permission to spend time with Indira Gandhi for hours.

Later on he built an Ashram in 32 acres in Gurugram and ensured that Indira Gandhi visited it so that his star value won’t be reduced. In the 70’s his yoga performance was telecasted in Doordarshan on a weekly base. Later even an Ashram in Jammu started to emerge.

As days passed, the liberty given to him became a nuisance to Indian Defence officials as his private chopper started to travel as and when required without any restrictions. Once he had travelled to Japan and while returning, he bought along with him a brand new Toyota card and helicopter. He was exempted from the tax and the credit goes to Indira Gandhi government.

The man who had no degree literally acted like India’s Prime Minister of India. This man was even made the director of “Central Council of Research in Indian Medicine and Homeopathy”. He sat here for the period of seven years and received grants of nearly Rs 26.5 lakhs.

When the Emergency in India was imposed for 21 months, this self proclaimed godman literally controlled Delhi. But the Congress government was removed by the Indian voters after the atrocities during emergency and then the misdeeds of Indira Gandhi and Dhirendra Brahmachari started to emerge one after the other.

So we can say that it was Congress that gave birth to the tradition of worshipping fake religious gurus just for having mutual benefits. Today there are many self proclaimed godman and this credit should be given to Congress alone as they never tried to take action against them.

What happened between Indira Gandhi and Dhirendra Brahmachari in the Yoga room?

Credits: Rohith Chakratheertha

Nishika Ram