What was Dabhol case, why did the Congress government hire Pakistani lawyer to fight for India?

It would be hard to find if there are any good things that Congress government did to our country during their rule. Congress under Sonia Gandhi has literally ruined the country, for which the country is now paying price for.

Apart from scams and corruption, the Congress government caused a great security threat by opening doors for terrorists and anti social elements. After the Kulbushan Jadhav case was taken to International court of justice, a shocking information was out which revealed that Congress government in the year 2004 had hired a Pakistani lawyer to fight Dabhol case for India.

What is Dhobal case?

The Dabhol Power Company (now called RGPPL – Ratnagiri Gas and Power Private Limited) was a company based in Maharashtra, India, formed in 1992. It was formed to control the Dhobal Power plant. The Dabhol plant was built in association with Enron, GE, and Bechtel. GE provided turbines to Dabhol, Bechtel constructed the physical plant, and Enron was charged with managing the project through Enron International. From 1992 to 2001, the construction and operation of the plant was mired in controversies related to corruption in Enron and at the highest political levels in India and the United States (Clinton administration and Bush administration) which lead to complete loss of the company.

So the company Enron which went into bankruptcy demanded USD 6 billion claim against the government of India. The case was taken to International Court of Justice and was put under arbitration in the year 2004. The BJP government which was in power had formed the lawyer panel headed by solicitor general Harish Salve (the same person who represented India in Kulbushan Jadhav case), but after the Congress came to power in 2004 general elections, the government replaced all the panel members and hired Khawar Qureshi (Pakistani lawyer, who represented against Kulbushan Jadhav) to fight case for India.

But the worst part was, Qureshi lost the case for India in the year 2005 and India had to pay huge amount to settle the case. It is a matter of shame that Congress hired a Pakistani to represent India, who is known for his losing track record and payed him 3 times more fee than Harish Salve.

But the real reason why Congress government hired a Pakistani lawyer to fight Indian case was because they had made a deal with the company and agreed to pay the lump sum amount back doors. The Congress had also agreed to pay hefty amount to the lawyers panel. But one will be shocked to know that Congress leader Mani Shankar Aiyer’s daughter’s was also in the same panel.

The UPA government in 2004 had sheepishly asked the ICJ a 2 month extension period giving the reason that the panel was changed and the new lawyers required time to study the case. Attorney General Milon Banerjee who formed the new panel had taken Union Minister’s daughter in the panel of lawyers. It is said Manmohan Singh had expressed his reservations against hiring Suranya Aiyar, daughter of then Union Petroleum and Natural Gas Minister Mani Shankar Aiyar.

Later after Singh’s intervention, her name was taken off from the panel members. The reports said that the decision to include her name in the panel was taken outside government authority which naturally points towards Sonia Gandhi on request of Mani Shankar Aiyar.

So since the day Congress government took over, Manmohan Singh was nothing more than a puppet and all ministers close to Sonia had their own parallel government running.

Aishwarya S