Dhruv Rathee caught spreading fake news about Prime Minister Modi’s simple lifestyle

In the field of spreading fake news, Dhruv Rathee has reached such a level that no one can overtake him from here. This man has attained complete monopoly in generating fake news and spreading it worldwide.

Recently in an interview to Akshay Kumar, PM Modi had stated that “Until I became Gujarat CM, I used to wash my own clothes. It was in my nature to live properly”. Revealing his love for Kurthas, PM Modi added “I realised that if my kurtas had longer sleeves, it would only mean I had to wash them thoroughly. They would also take up space in my suitcase. So I would shorten them myself by cutting them”.

The simplistic lifestyle of PM Modi started to bother Dhruv Rathee and he decided to smear the image of Prime Minister’s using fake news. Dhruv Rathee stated “Unbelievable! Here we go again. Yet another thing that Modi lied about and FAKED? This Fekuness is getting out of hand!”.

To justify his claim, Dhruv Rathee had posted a screenshot of The Indian Express article titled “Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s washerman from 1970s dies in Godhra”.

Looking at the headline, one might think that someone else was washing the then Gujarat CM Narendra Modi’s cloths. But when more research was done, it was found out that the Dhobi who died couple of years ago never washed PM Modi’s cloths. Infact he was ironing the cloths of PM Modi.

The Times of India article stated that “This ‘washerman’ used to iron Modi’s clothes when he stayed in Godhra in the 1970s as a RSS pracharak. Nephews of Chand, 76, now operate the laundry he had in Kajiwad area where the RSS office too exists”.

Hence proved that Dhruv Rathee lied ahead of the 4 phase of 2019 Lok Sabha elections just to create confusions in the minds of the people and tarnish the image of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.


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