The Diary of Nehru, Part-2; If I Weren’t A Sanyasin, Nehru Would Have Married Me

A Prime Minister will be remembered for all his developmental issues. But when we talk of Mr Jawaharlal Nehru, we can quickly recall the defeat that India suffered in 1962 against China. Soldiers were fighting without proper arms & ammunition and even no adequate food to eat. But we celebrate his birthday as Children’s day.

She first met Nehru in 1948 and her name was Shraddha Mata. Her lecturers on Vedas had literally hypnotised everyone who heard it. Shyama Prasad Mukherjee was highly impressed by her speech and had high hopes that she will definitely change India in a positive way. So he introduced her to Nehru, but he wasn’t aware that Nehru had a special interest in women. Finally Nehru allotted 15 minutes time to discuss with Shraddha Mata but it ended up to be never lasting. This paved way for further meeting between Nehru and Shraddha Mata which were usually at late night.

Sardar Patel was concerned of Nehru’s hobby of having frequent relationships with several women, so he wrote a letter to Nehru seeking clarification. But read what Nehru wrote in response “…it is perfectly true that the lady in question has met me several times in Delhi and Lucknow…. (We) usually discussed two subjects—the Hindu Code Bill and the question of language, that is, Hindi. She tried to influence me in regard to these two matters and I tried to influence her the other way. I don’t know what success I’ve had, but she had none, so far as I am concerned.”

In an interview with Kushwant Singh, Shraddha Mata said that Nehru was attracted to her since their first meet. She also added that Nehru fell for her beauty. Nehru kept on enquiring of her marriage and husband but she sensed his intension. So she said him that she is a Sanyasini and he as a Brahmin, need to honour Hindu tradition. She also mentioned that if she wasn’t a Sanyasini than her name would have been in place of Edwina Mountbatten, Padmaja Naidu and Mrinalini Sarabhai.

But Kushwant Singh after the interview with her said that, by her way of talking it seemed like she definitely had an affair with Nehru.

Shraddha was born in Sultanpur but was adopted by her paternal uncle. She got married when she was 14 years old but the marriage broke within few weeks. Later she joined Gandhi Ashram after which she fled to Himalayas and came back when she was 26 years old; she was popular as a powerful orator and was considered a living goddess.

Nehru had a son from Shraddha Mata: Mathai

Shraddha Mata passed away in 1987 but it is believed that she was the mother of Nehru’s child. M.O Mathai revealed this in his book “Reminiscences of the Nehru Age”. He said that Shraddha Mata all of a sudden disappeared and in November 1949 a person came from a convent with a bundle of letters. That person said that, a young woman from northern India arrived at the convent a few months ago and gave birth to a baby boy. That man also said that after giving birth, she left the convent without the baby. During this, she forgot to carry a small cloth bundle in which there were several things including of letters in Hindi.

Later Mother Superior of the convent examined it and concluded that the letters were written by Indian Prime Minister, so she sent it to the PM. Mathai said that he wasn’t able to track the child or else he would have adopted it. He also said that the child would have been a Catholic Christian who was ignorant of his father.

Acharya Kripalani once said “It is difficult to compete with the Prime Minister. For he is a darling of the masses, and to women he is Prince Charming.”

M.O Mathai and Kushwant Singh were the close aide of the Nehru family so what they revealed may not be a fictitious story.

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