Did Arnab Goswami call Keralites a “Shameless bunch of Indians” on his debate?

Couple days back, Republic TV and Arnab Goswami conducted a debate on #FloodAidLie which was focused on exposing those fake news peddlers who started the false narrative that UAE had offered Rs 700 crore to Kerala relief fund but the Modi government had categorically denied the offer.

The Kerala CM Pinnarayi Vijayan too held a press meet in which he went on record to say that Modi government had denied the assistance offered by UAE and therefore targeted the central government. Just after his press meet, the entire troll army of the Congress and the left jumped into conclusion that UAE had offered 700 crore aid. Without verifying facts or details, the entire Congress brigade created a fake news storm in the country.

But couple days back, the UAE government issued an official statement saying that there was no proposal to offer Rs 700 crore to Kerala relief fund. This statement revealed that the entire news on Rs 700 crore was a fake narrative deliberately created by few political parties to target Modi government.

As the news became viral in the country, Arnab Goswami on Republic TV raised the issue where he lambasted the trolls of Congress and left who were indulged in spreading fake news. Seems like the Congress and their troll army faced massive embarrassment due to which they started attacking Arnab Goswami claiming that he referred to Keralites as “Shameless bunch of Indian” on his debate.

A video was being circulated on social media claiming that Arnab Goswami called Keralites “Shameless Bunch of India I had ever seen”.  

But when a fact check on the video was done, it was found that nowhere did Arnab Goswami call Keralites, Shameless bunch of Indians. He specifically referred to those people who were spreading fake news in an international level putting the country’s dignity at stake as a Shameless bunch of people.

What he really said: “This group is shameless, shameless bunch of Indians that I have ever seen, they have gone around spreading lies religiously, I do not know what do they get for it, whether they get paid for it, do they get money for abusing their own country. Are they part of a group, who are they funded by, point is its a conspiracy to malign India.”


If you listen to the video completely, we will realise that he never said anything against Kerala or its people but rather said “The people of Kerala, psychologically resilient, they have shown how great they are as people, how strong they are, and I am only saying, at this point of time, that somebody is using fake news to manipulate them. Manipulating people at the time of tragedy is cheap. I have proven it that this was happening and the Congress hand is all over it. In fact, I will tell you one thing, I find less of a Left hand in this but I see a very strong Congress hand if you analyse the number of tweets here. Gunja, do you manipulate people? Do you play on their sentiments? Will the people of Kerala forgive this?”

So, how did this troll army conclude that Army Goswami called Keralites Shameless?! The troll army conveniently took the part where Arnab is found blasting the fake news peddlers and claimed that he was referring to Keralites.

As usual, the same troll army and their cadre got into their work of abusing Arnab Goswami with most obnoxious words and targeted him. Some of the so called journalist without verifying facts, believed the same and attacked Goswami.

Now, the question is not to these trolls, but to those lutyens media in Delhi who pretend to be the flag bearers of free speech. These people who cried loud and took out a protest march when one of their colleague was targeted for supporting Tukde tukde gang are now maintaining eerie silence when another journalist Arnab Goswami is targeted!

The other irony is, Pratik Sinha who calls himself a fact checker has gone mute on the issue and has shown no spine to tell that his troll army and his bosses have spread one of the biggest FAKE NEWS of the year!

Seems like, the network of Congress has hired people exclusively to spread fake news and malign India in an international level.

Aishwarya S


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