Did Barkha Dutt really compare herself with Pranab Mukherjee after a BJP leader invited her to BJP office?

The nation is stunned after they came to know that they the “Hate-Modi” brigade was conspiring to kill PM Modi. So in India, working for the people and nation may end up in risking your own life. But the assassination plan of PM Modi is not getting the attention that it should have actually needed.

The revelation made by the Maharashtra cops is actually very serious. It will not be surprising if many politicians are linked to the conspiracy to assassinate PM Modi. There are even claims that a top Minister from the Congress party was associated with the conspirators.

India’s Prime Minister’s life is at risk, but why no one are taking it seriously?

Aren’t you surprised why many are not giving this issue any importance at all. This is only because a bunch of journalists and a set of rotten politicians and activists have diverted the Indians by saying that they are getting frequent death threats. Few are even spreading rumors that they are given death threats on the instructions of PM Modi.

A student union leader of JNU, the college infamous for anti-national activities even claimed that it is a plan to lynch Muslims!

  • Looks like RSS/Gadkari is planning to assassinate Modi, and then blame it upon Muslims/Communists and then lynch Muslims “Rajiv Gandhi Style”.

Here comes the series of death threats to PM Modi!

Now a series of journalists have claimed that they are receiving death threats. Soon their fans in Delhi’s political arena started to feel sorry for them. But what was even common in their complaints was lack of evidence to support their claims.

Among them, the lady who succeeded in getting everyone’s attention was Barkha Dutt. But the attention didn’t last long as the people thought that it was another attempt to fool the Indians. Few even claimed that she has kick started the 2019 election campaign for Rahul Gandhi by laying a victim card.

Barkha Dutt stated,

  • Received chilling veiled threats and “messages” from powerful people in the Establishment today that my family and I are under surveillance – and that I will be smeared & maligned to stop me from starting any new projects. Was advised to get my house debugged. Is this my country?

And the election campaign begins!

  • Congratulations Barkha Dutt for launching 2019 Lok Sabha Campaign.

Barkha Dutt drags in RSS and Pranab Mukherjee’s visit to Nagpur! But it was more or less like a self-goal!

  • Thanks Tajinder Bagga in the spirit of dialogue of Pranab Da and RSS, are you inviting me to address BJP workers ? Koi Nahin ji. Our jousting continues. You do what you think is right and I will do the same. and let the chips fall where they may!

Barkha Dutt gets schooled on RSS culture!

  • Why not Madam? This is our tradition to invite opposition leaders and as a true follower of this tradition I will not miss this opportunity to invite honorable opposition leader Like you, please give me date so I can organise a seminar with you.

I’m a leader, claims Barkha!

  • Arrey sir ji, I am only the leader of my twitter page. Samosa khilayen, chai par bulayen. Debate to be continued.

Did Barkha Dutt just compare herself to India’s former President Pranab Mukherjee?

  • Arreee you said when I am inviting you to address BJP workers? Ab Mai bula rha hu to aap aa nhi rhe? Pranab daa se apne aap ko compare kia hai to Pranab daa jaise courage bhi dikhao. And Haa Chai Samose bhi milenge, sath me Chatni bhi. Accha Date kya rakhe Seminar ki.

And the defence by her is lame!

  • Never compared myself with Pranab Da ji. Invoked the spirit of dialogue. I represent myself – no one else. Chatni sounds good!

Green chatni is secular!

  • Yes because Chatni (Hari waali) is secular. Anyways wo address krne aane waali thi na aap, wo kya date batai thi aapne, arre bhul gya mai. Dubara btado Didi.

  • Chatni ke kai rang hote hai- imli, lassan, pudina- etc. You mentioned the colour, not me. Khair. Will let you know dates. Goodnight ji

How can we forget NDTV!

  • Chatni ke kai Rang hoote hai aur Insaan ke bhii. Khair Date abhi hi dedo na Didi,waise bhi aajkal aap khali ho NDTV ke baad.

This is how Barkha Dutt’s message on threat on her was turned into a hilarious conversation, rather exposing her.

Hansika Raj