Did Dhritarashtra in Mahabharat have only 101 children? Who was his other son who fought for Pandavas?

The Mahabharata was one of the greatest Indian epic which sent enormous message about the values life, friendship, relation, greed, power and ultimately Karma that everyone is bound to undergo.

There are numerous characters in the Mahabharat who were known for their valor, courage, truthfulness and generosity whose names cannot be forgotten even today. Although the Kauravas were much strong than the Pandavas, they lost the war because of the Adharma they committed. At the end of Kurukshetra War, almost all Kauravas lost their life except a few. One of them is Yuyutsu, the oldest son of Dhritarashtra.

Yes, if you think Dhritarashtra had only 100 sons and 1 daughter, you are wrong. Actually Dhritarashtra had 101 sons and 1 daughter. The first son was Yuytsu who was older than Dhuryodhana and all his brothers. Yuyutsu was not the son of Gandhari but of a maid. The name Yuyutsu was derived from a Sanskrit word which meant “The one who is eager to fight”.

For many years, Gandhari did not have kids, which made the couples pray Saint Vyasa who gave them blessing that she will bare kids in future. But Dhritarashtra who turned jealous after Kunti gives birth to Yudishthir, decides to have a kid with the maid Sugada assuming that Gandhari will never be able to give birth. But by then, Gandhari also gets pregnant and Yuyutsu and Dhuryodhana will be born on the same day. But according to few scripts, it is said Yuyutsu was born before Dhuryodhana. But because he was the maid’s son, he faces huge discrimination in the palace by all his brothers and they refuse to accept him as their sibling. He faced humiliation, insult every day under the hands of his brother Dhuryodhana.

Yuyutsu, though was a Kaurava, he never supported the misdeeds of his brothers, he always stood for Dharma and contradicted his brothers whenever they went against the will of God. This created huge rift between the brothers which made Yuyutsu lean towards the Pandavas. He also became a secret informant for the Pandavas and passed many strategies of Kauravas. He had also saved the life of Bhima once. Dhuryodhana with his ill intentions had planned to poison the water which was served to Bhima, but Yuyutsu who gets to know about it, sabotages the entire plan thus saving Bhima’s life.

On the day when Draupadi was insulted by Dhuryodhana in his palace, he was one among the two Kauravas who stood for Draupadi and opposed Dhuryodhana. Although many of the Kauravas knew that Dhuryodhana was wrong, they always remained loyal and remained mute to all his misdeeds. But Yuyutsu who chose the path of Dharma decided to go against Dhuryodhana even in the Kurukshetra war.

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He was one among the 11 Maharathis (capable of fighting 720,000 warriors simultaneously) among the Kauravas and helped Pandavas in every possible way. As the war came to an end, Yudishthir took control of the Kingdom and established his rule in Hastinapur. As years passed, Lord Krishna decides to leave the Kingdom as he realises his time was up and the next Kaliyug was about to start. After Krishna leaves the Kingdom, the Pandavas also follow his path of seeking moksha and decides to hand over the Kingdom to Parikshith, the son of Yudishthir.

But acknowledging the loyalty and commitment of Yuyutsu, Yudishthir makes him the supreme commander and caretaker of Hastinapur. Yuyutsu’s death has many theories and according to few books, Gandhari was the sole reason for his death as she opens her eyes and burns him alive to take revenge for her children.

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So, Yuyutsu was the first son of Dhritarashtra and was the sole Kaurava who stood on the side of Dharma and fought for Pandavas helping them win the Kurukshetra war in many ways.

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