Did Goa CM Manohar Parrikar really ask girls not to drink beer? Here is the reality which is hidden by the MSM

When there are so many issues, why the Goa chief minister is bothered about the girls who drink beer? This was the question raised days ago when a news article hit the internet saying Goa CM Manohar Parrikar reportedly said “I have begun to fear now because even the girls have started drinking beer. The tolerance limit is being crossed”.

Soon, the self proclaimed feminists began to attack the Goa CM and the former defence minister under whom the surgical strike took place. The feminists began to upload photos of them with beer bottle. Have a look at it!

To Sir, With Love.

Cheers from Goa, Mr Parrikar! #GirlsWhoDrinkBeer
C’mon good ladies, let’s make this weekend worth it. Use the hashtag and share your beer ? pics on my timeline. The one with the best pic, your beer is on me.

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to post this Manohar Parrikar, said another lady.

What did actually Mr Manohar Parrikar say?

“It was twisted in such a way that finally the interviewer had to intervene and tweet that I was referring to school and college students. I had not asked anyone not to drink beer”, clarified CM Parrikar.

Even the journalist, Pramod Acharya, who conducted the interview clarified saying “Manohar Parrikar interview that consisted the “girls/beer” comment was conducted by me. So I need put a thing in perspective. CM while speaking about drugs spread in college campuses have the example. He was ONLY referring to school/college going girls and boys”.

Now, this was a tight slap on the pseudo feminists who twisted the statement of Goa CM to spread their propaganda.

In the interview, Mr Parrikar also said “I have no belief that it will come down to zero. I personally do not believe that there is much proliferation (of drugs) in colleges”. He added “As per the law, if there is a small quantity of drugs, a person gets bail in eight to 15 days or a month. Our courts have also become lenient, but at least the guilty are caught”.

Notable film maker had also slammed the feminist for promoting alcoholism among students!

“I am glad to see how ‘real feminists’ are empowering school girls to drink beer. Yes, empowerment must begin right at school level. Damn with Manohar Parrikar who doesn’t want schoolgirls to get addicted to beer #GirlsWhoDrinkBeer”.

But look at the nonsense tweet of former AAP leader!

  • “Hey Manohar Parrikar. I know women who drink beer, wine, vodka & whiskey & some smoke pot too. They’re all smart, self-sufficient, strong women who don’t need your approval. That said, even when totally wasted, they make more sense than you do”.

As the election is approaching, the left leaning media are trying to make an issue out of no where. Days ago, the “pakoda’ controversy made noise even though PM Modi never asked the youths who demanded job to sell pakodas.

When the pakoda politics started to lose weightage, Rahul Gandhi led Congress decided to hook on to RSS. It claimed that RSS has insulted the Indian Army. Later, even this lie on RSS was exposed and the RSS emerged crystal clear patriotic organisation.

Hansika Raj