Did PM Modi really cheat Andhra Pradesh? After knowing the inside story, everyone from Andhra Pradesh will salute PM Modi!

From some days there is great hue and cry in the political arena regarding not giving special status to Andhra Pradesh. Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu and its party TDP is continually pressuring the central government for grant of special status to the state. They are continually targeting BJP for breaking alliance with them if their demand will not be fulfilled. Even the opposition found it a good chance to once again target Modi government and taking the advantage of movement jumped in and start showing their support for special status to the state.

But is the special status demand of Chandrababu Naidu justified? Let me throw some light on it.

Prior to Narendra Modi Government, Money collected in the form of Taxes are shared with Centre Keeping Major Share and States Left with around 40% Of Share. “Special Status” System was there to financially help those states which are Geographically tough terrains like Himalayan region states or those states who are facing National calamity more than often. In Special Status Ratio of Tax Sharing changes to 90% for States and 10% for Centre. Sonia Gandhi while dividing the state for Votes announced a fake promise that we will provide you special Status. But Congress never gave that.

Post-2014, Narendra Modi Government accepted 14th Finance Commission and implemented it which reversed the Tax Sharing Concept. Now States are getting 60% instead of 40%. This increased huge money for States to work for the welfare of people. The same 14th Finance Commission removed the concept of “Special Status” after reversing Tax Sharing Ratio. This Implementation is known to all CM but unfortunately, Richest CM of Nation picks it.

Narendra Modi government has never cheated Andhra Pradesh or made any fake promise. The government even never denied 90-10 Ratio, Central Government Just asked How and Where they need money? State till now never provided that answer for which it is answerable to the government.

People of Andhra must accept the truth rather than getting trapped in Local Media Owner Chandrababu Naidu. They should know what central government is doing for Andhra Pradesh.They must know that Modi government is doing their best. Till now Modi government has extended so many facilities to Andhra Pradesh such as Naval Air Station, Missile Manufacturing, DRDO Facility, NOA Range, Troops centre, BEL Manufacturing, Airports, 7 Institutes,- 950+ Medical seats, DD Kendra, AIR Station, Passport center, Rs 2500 Cr for Amaravati and many more.

For meeting revenue deficit of the state the Centre has already paid Rs 4,000 crore and only Rs 138 crore are remaining. In what could be a windfall to the exchequer, Apart from this Andhra Pradesh is all set to receive Rs 24,271.91 crore as additional funding from the Centre. This was made possible with the latest special financial package announced by Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley that increased the Centre’s share in both Central Aided Projects (CAP) and External Aided Projects (EAP) to 90 per cent from the existing 60 per cent. In the current financial year, the state government is set to receive a bonanza as the Centre agreed to give Rs 7,336 crore to compensate for 2015-16 and 2016-17 financial years. The Centre also  agreed to provide 30 per cent extra funding in all CAP and EAP schemes from 2015 to 2020  as part of special financial package.

GoI led by our PM Modi has also accorded a special package to AP by Rs.22,113cr. It will be paid to AP, as Revenue Deficit Grant for the yr 2015-2020. 90% of Funding for Aided Projects will be provided to Andhra Pradesh under special Package designed with special care. Andhra Pradesh is also one step closer to becoming the electronic vehicle hub of the world.

If we compare this with other states Chhattisgarh got 1,800 crores in 12 years for Naya Raipur capital. Amaravati got 3400 crores in 4 years. Centre took over Polavaram project from state and made it a national project. Crying just for Politics is not good. People have to see how state performed.

If we access all this on the basis of per capita income we found that Per capita income of Andhra Pradesh – Rs 137,376, Per capita income of Uttar Pradesh – Rs 80,253, Per capita income of Bihar – Rs 63,200, Total central tax receipt 20 L Cr, Chandrababu wanted addition 5L Cr fund for AP. For overall development of the nation, every state is to be developed equally and the central government has to look upon it from all the angles. Modi government wants to allocate this fund to poorer States like UP, Bihar where it is much needed.

So from all this one thing is quite clear that Centre is fully responding back to the need of the state. Since independence till date, no state has received as many favours as that was given to Andhra Pradesh. Modi government is doing the best for Andhra Pradesh. TDP’s move is completely a political manoeuvre. Since 2014 BJP ruled in State & Center both. But now only Chandrababu has realized that BJP did nothing for Andhra Pradesh.This was completely expected from Chandrababu Naidu as we know the state is going to face elections next year. This is not even the first time when TDP dumped BJP. Before also in 2004 TDP had dumped BJP. But Modiji once again trusted in Chandrababu Naidu and now he is showing his true colours.