Did PM Modi really favored Anil Ambani? Everyone will be stunned after knowing the inside story

Congress party has always laid allegations on Modi Government for favouring the industrialists. Opposition have always attack Modi Government by calling the “govt of rich businessman” not a common man.

Yesterday once again Congress President Rahul Gandhi hit at Prime Minister Modi by calling him corrupt and the “PM of Anil Ambani”. Congress President further said that PM Modi is behaving like Chowkidar of Ambani.
But is it really true that PM Modi Governement is favouring industrialists or Reliance in particular? No, there is a big no to this. This not only I am saying but the reports are saying too

According to the report by Economic Times, it is  totally clear that it is not PM Modi Government but it is UPA Government which has favored Anil Ambani & its group.

Preliminary investigations done by Government in order to counter the opposition attacking PM Modi on deal with Reliance,  revealed that projects worth Rs 100,000 crore were awarded to Anil Ambani’s Reliance Group during the last seven years of the Congress-led UPA government. Even the regulatory approvals for Reliance Communications, the group’s telecom arm, had come in record time.

Apart from this Reliance Infrastructure saw the biggest spurt in growth by 2011. It completely got transformed from an electricity distribution company to India’s largest infrastructure company within five years. Nearly 12 projects worth over Rs 16,500 crore were initiated, making Reliance Infrastructure under UPA regime making it the largest private developer of roads in the country.

It is also reported that none of the group of Reliance firms saw a decline in market cap during a period of over five years during the UPA’s tenure from 2007 to 2012. Even some bagged the products without any adequate experience.The group had won projects worth over Rs 77,000 crore in the power sector alone, which included an integrated power plant in Madhya Pradesh as well as different projects in mining, power transmission and distribution.

Some of the road projects which were awarded to Ambani’s companies under the UPA were Delhi-Agra, Bengaluru-Chennai, Pune-Satara and Jaipur-Bikaner segments, along with four infrastructure projects in southern India, the Delhi Airport Metro Express line and Mumbai Metro’s line 1.

The government has compiled this data from key ministries such as power, telecom, road transport and highways as well as government entities like the National Highways Authority of India, Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority and Delhi Metro Rail Corporation.a list of projects which revealed several projects were awarded to Anil Ambani’s companies by the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) regime

Even the Reliance has confirmed these revelations found in preliminary investigations. The Reliance Infrastructure spokesperson said the company won all its build, operate and transfer (BOT) and public-private partnership (PPP) projects between 2004 and 2014 when the UPA was in power. In fact he too pointed out that under the current National Democratic Alliance regime; Reliance Infrastructure and Reliance Power have not participated in any project on BOT/PPP basis.

The spokesperson further said the company had invested in and executed projects worth Rs 150,000 crore till 2014 in various sectors, including complex power, EPC (engineering, procurement and construction) projects, cement, metro and roads. Also during the UPA regime, the company won 11 road projects through competitive bidding. This led to an investment of Rs 12,000 crore.

This report has debunked all the propaganda of opposition and shows the actual reality that who was hand in glove with the industrialists, Earlier also it has been revealed that it is the Congress Government which has given loan to industrialists which led to bad loans & NPAs mess. Infact Modi Govt has worked in the direction of clearing this mess and is bringing all the money back to system. PM Modi Governement hard measures have even forced the Reliance group to do debt restructuring and pay the loan installments.

You can clearly see from the above facts who is actually responsible for what.Anyhow nothing can be done of Congress which is in greater shock after loosing all states and now it is left with now no other work apart from criticizing the Modi Government for the wrongs that are actually done by their own Government and taking advantage of all the good works done by Modi Government by claiming them their own.

Source : Economic Times


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