Did Rahul Gandhi and CM Siddaramaiah get bashed by Sringeri Mutt Mahaswamiji for their anti Hindu policies?

Since 3-4 days there has been a wide speculation in Karnataka where many news channels are reporting that when Rahul Gandhi and Siddaramaiah visited Sringeri Mutt, Bharathi Theertha Mahaswamiji blasted the duo for their anti-Hindu policies and dividing Hindus in the country.

What really happened in those 20 minutes meet??

As we known, Rahul Gandhi is on Temple tour in Karnataka just before the Assembly elections to woo the Hindu votes which are now drifting away towards BJP because of the anti-Hindu stance of Congress party. The consolidation of Hindu votes against the Congress is bothering them since 3-4 years which is why they are desperately trying to project themselves as soft Hindutva ambassadors.

In a bid to divide the Lingayats, they declared that Lingayats no longer belong to Hindu religion. This was something which was definitely not well received by the people. Lingayats and Veerashaivas who had no problem since 1000 years are being made to fight among themselves by the Congress government just for the sake of elections and winning few extra votes.

After the decision to separate Lingayat religion from Hindus was announced,  Rahul Gandhi and Siddaramaiah had visited the famous Sringeri Mutt which is known to be the first Vidhya peeth established by Adi Shankaracharya.

Rahul Gandhi and Siddaramaiah met the Mutt head Sri Bharathi Theeratha Maha Swamiji who is respected all over India and his regarded as the most powerful voice of the Hindus. This visit of Rahul Gandhi was a well-known attempt to woo the Hindus in Karnataka. But forget wooing Hindus, they have now landed up getting bashed from the Mahaswamiji himself.

According to a local newspaper of Sringeri, it is said that when Rahul Gandhi and Siddaramaiah visited the Mutt, Mahaswmiji was not very pleased to see them and openly said “Happy that you have come to the Mutt. But, we don’t give our blessings for the work that you’re doing.”

At the time of the meeting, Jagadguru told Rahul Gandhi and Siddaramaiah, “If you’re having intolerance against Hindu religion, please refrain from Hindu religion. Instead of that, don’t bring enmity within the Hindu religion by your talks / work. Don’t neglect Hindu mutts and temples. What have they done wrong? The amount of money collected as offerings at the temples (which are managed by the government) should be utilized for temple development. Spending that money for the welfare of other religion is not acceptable (wrong). Jagadguru bluntly mentioned to both of them that, “It is nice that you’re visiting our Mutt. But, as you’re doing anti-Hindu activities, we don’t provide our blessings to you.”

Both of them were shocked to hear this (as they didn’t expect this response from Jagadguru). When they came out of the meeting, they wanted to make sure that this (response from Jagadguru) should not reach the media. But the staff of the Mutt who were present during their meeting revealed the truth as to what really happened during the meet to the press which has now gone viral. It is also reported that hearing the Guruji response, the people of the Mutt and locals were very happy and applauded the Maha Swamiji for sending a stern warning to the Congress who had taken Hindus for granted and using them for their political gimmicks.

It is also said that Rahul Gandhi vented his anger against K C Venugopal who is the election in charge of Karnataka for not handling the situation well which caused them massive embarrassment.

This news was first posted by Sringeri Kshtra News online site.


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