Did Rahul Gandhi own Vijay Mallya’s Kingfisher airline by proxy? Why did they extend undue favors only to Kingfisher Airlines?

Since yesterday, there has been a massive controversy over Vijay Mallya after the Republic Tv published the documents which showed that then Congress government under Sonia and Rahul Gandhi had extended undue favours only to Kingfisher Airlines.

The then finance minister seems to have got instructions from the top leadership of Congress to change the bank policy only to an individual to help him escape arrest.The documents which were first released on Republic TV showed that the RBI had taken personal interest to instruct State Bank of India not to declare Mallya’s Airline account as sub standard and requested to relax the terms and conditions especially for him.

The RBIs letter said ‘In view of the significance of the Civil Aviation sector to the economy, and the unique nature of the Airline Industry, we have considered the following modifications to our restructuring guidelines as a one time measure, for the aviation sector. It goes on to list those measures, and in doing so, also reveals that there were other requests that it was not accepting.’

This was explosive information which revealed that someone in the top leadership of Congress had taken interest to save Mallya by offering him sweet deal.

It was well known that Mallya and Vadra family had some business links through Kingfisher Airlines and some members of the Gandhi family even had some shares in Kingfisher Airlines. But, the entire information still remains a secret. However, after the Mallya documents were out, the BJP has come up with a scathing attack claiming that Rahul Gandhi owned Kingfisher Airlines by proxy.

Sambit Patra who held a press conference, produced few documents which clearly showed that the loans to the now defunct airline were restructured twice — in 2008 and 2012.  The second time it was done by the request of the government, said Patra, citing letters from the Reserve Bank of India. The government requests, he said, mentioned that the favour should be extended “only for Kingfisher.”

It is important to note here that Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi had received a free upgradation to Business class in Kingfisher Airlines after Mallya was granted loans.

So, Rahul Gandhi who has the audacity to question everyone, should first answer why had their government in 2010 made a formal request to change the policy to facilitate Mallya get loans despite knowing that his Airlines was in crisis? Why did he and Sonia Gandhi receive an Business class upgradation for free in Kingfisher Airlines, why were they so special?

Just after BJP questioned Rahul Gandhi’s links with Mallya, Rahul Gandhi’s one time close aide and family friend has raised the issue that Rahul Gandhi’s links were not just with Vijay Mallya but with fraudster Nirav Modi too. He has accused Rahul Gandhi of attending cocktail party of Nirav Modi and Mehul Choksi in 2013 which he said can be proved by CCTV footage and SPG records.

So, seems like Rahul Gandhi and his family utilized every possible favour from these businessman and now when they are caught, they have betrayed them posing to be saints.

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