Did you know a farmer was arrested in West Bengal, just because he questioned Mamata Banerjee

The paid media wastes no time to call PM Modi government intolerant, they wasted no time to mock Nationalists and called their love for country hyper Nationalism. But the state which they projected most secular is the one which is witnessing massive violence and intolerance towards any opposition views.

There have been numerous murders and attack on those who expressed their opinions against TMC and CPM. But the sad part is media never felt those were important as they did not serve their interest of appeasement politics.

Mamata Banerjee did not even spare a farmer just because he questioned her governance. Shiladitya Chowdhury who is a farmer was arrested on August 11 for disrupting a public rally. It is said that he entered the high security zone and assaulted a police personal.

But according to few locals, during the rally Chowdhury stood up and asked what Banerjee’s government was doing for the farmers as they are dying because they have no money. The CM immediately labelled him as Maoist following which he was detained, quizzed and later arrested by the police. He was remanded to the judicial custody for 14 days.

Once a bus conductor, Chowdhury took to farming in the district. But ever-increasing fertiliser prices impacted cultivation on his small holding which finally led him to pose the question to the CM during a rally at West Midnapore’s Belpahari on August 8. The arrest of Chowdhury had kicked up a controversy with representatives from the civil society protesting the arrest. The state human rights commission had also ordered a probe into the matter, India Today Report.

This is not the first time that Mamata Banerjee had tried silencing the dissent voices. Few days back, chemistry professor Ambikesh Banerjee and Kolkata biologist Partha Sarathy Ray of Jadhavpur University were arrested. While the state police had arrested Mahapatra for poking fun at Mamata and Mukul Roy, scientist Ray was put behind the bars for protesting forcible eviction of Nonadanga settlers in Kolkata’s outskirts.

The cartoon, circulated by the chemistry professor, showed Mamata and railway minister Mukul Roy exchanging dialogues from a Satyajit Ray film, alluding to replacement of former railway minister Dinesh Trivedi by Roy.

So, if Mamata Banerjee can get common people arrested for such silly reasons, on what basis does she claim that Modi government in tolerant or does she point fingers at others?!

The farmer who was arrested by Mamata Banerjee government was finally granted unconditional bail by West Midnapore district court on a personal bond of Rs 1,000 on Friday.

This is the real face of so called secular government’s tolerance limit.

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