Aurangzeb’s daughter loved Shivaji Maharaj crazily and do you know what she did when he denied marrying her?

As we scroll down the pages of history, we have been inspired by epic love stories. May it be the most outstanding plays depicted by Shakespeare or our all-time favourite Bollywood movies. Ancient good old love stories are always mesmerizing to watch and of course it can never go boring.

Here’s yet another interesting love story found from the history books of India. Talking about epic love stories how we cannot remember the notable director filmmaker of Bollywood showbiz “Sanjay Leela Bhansali” who has treated us with some of the wonderful love stories through his movies on screen, especially that of Hindu women and a Muslim man.

Sanjay has always shown his interest in the stories of warriors and their everlasting love in his recent works and has distorted facts in all possible ways to hurt Hindu sentiments. Well, can we say that Sanjay has got yet another epic love story in the name of the great warrior “Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj” himself!

Mughals have always had a barbaric role when it is spoken about the Indian rulers’ history. As the Islamic culture speaks, women have always been on backlight and men have always had an upper hand, which sadly continues to be followed. When throwing light on the Mughal princesses, they’ve a poor fortune compared to the princess. If few were forcibly dragged away by kings who invaded their palaces, while the others never got a chance to get into married lives. To name a few- Arambanu, the daughter of Akbar, Nithar Begum, the daughter of Jahangir, Jahanara and Roshanara who were the daughters of Shahjahan.

The Mughal princesses had them married off to their first cousins, which was their trend followed which of course was to ensure hardly any suitable successor was left in order to marry the princesses.

Out all of them Zeb-un-nisa, beloved daughter of Aurangzeb has the story which is worth to keep your eyes wide open. Zeb-un-nisa who was indeed the leading lady of the house of Timur, manipulating had succeeded Roshnara for the internal politics. This mesmerising lady had fallen for none other than “the hero of the Hindus “Chhatrapathi Shivaji Maharaj.

There was no second thought that by that period of Mughal rule, Shivaji had his fame spread all over the way, through stories of bravery. Who would not fall for the absolute brave man of the times and charming personality, the Mughal princess too was into this charm.

Shaista Khan, the maternal uncle of Aurangzeb who was among the victims list of Shivaji, the military genius had entered the palace of Shaista Khan in the night and attacked him. Shivaji also killed his son and this indeed made Shaista Khan make the statement about Shivaji that he possessed supernatural powers which cannot be defeated by common men like him.

The day when she met the warrior, Shivaji Maharaj!!!

Shivaji who was 39 year old then, was the father of a son whereas Zeb-un-Nisa was still 27 years old when she fell in love with him.

At last, destiny had made its game; Shivaji had made a thought to visit the royal court because he had spied conspiracy. Neb-un-Nisa who had never dreamt of this had got to witness the charm of the man she fell in love with, as she sat behind the purdah in the royal court.

It is said that it was the princess who had arranged a meeting of Aurangzeb to make her father meet the man of her dream. Records say that Shivaji was conveyed that Zeb-un-Nisa was in love over him and he had humbly refused, which indeed made the princess remain single throughout her life. Though this story depicts a perfect everlasting love, to the misfortune of the princess it did not have a beautiful end to it in real.

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