Did you know that even the man who created a separate nation for the Muslims didn’t want to take in the Rohingya Muslims?

Within a few years, the Hindu dominated Jammu will no longer hoist India’s flag and the reason for this prediction is the heavy infiltration of the Rohingya Muslims. Even though the central government has taken a tough stand against these infiltrators, whose only aim is to curb the Hindu population, few of the opposition parties are backing these rogues.

A narrative has been created in the global platform that the Rohingyas are victims of violence spearheaded by Buddhists in Myanmar and Hindus in India. But none are throwing light on the terrorist activities carried out by the Rohingyas.

The self-proclaimed peace keeping agencies are trying to portray India as an intolerant nation once again using the Rohingya issue. But their entire narrative has fallen flat after the “deed” done by Muhammad Ali Jinnah – the creator of Pakistan and the killer of lakhs and lakhs of Hindus.

Did you know that even Muhammad Ali Jinnah dumped the Rohingya Muslims?

The Pakistani website located at Lahore exposed that 7 decades ago, how Jinnah treated the Rohingya Muslims. It said,

“Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s refusal to accommodate the Rohingya Muslims in a country ostensibly created as a ‘Muslim homeland’, turned the members of Arakan Muslim League towards jihadism and a radical fight for self-determination – a struggle that continues till this very day. The attitude of the founding fathers of Pakistan towards Rohingya Muslims mirrored their stance towards the Muslims that they were leaving behind in India”.

The article even exposed the crocodile tears of Pakistan towards the Rohingyas by saying, “Pakistan’s decision to grant $5 million worth of food for distribution in Rohingya camps in Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand, smacks of blatant hypocrisy and vile opportunism”.

The article also mentions that “After paying no heed to a Muslim separatist movement in Arakan in 1947, Pakistan’s next contribution towards exacerbating the plight of the Rohingyas was through Operation Searchlight that led to genocide and genocidal rape in East Pakistan to quell Bengali self-determination. This led to a mass migration from East Pakistan into Burma, allowing the Rakhine monks to use the pretext of “demographical change” to force the Burmese government into mass Muslim expulsion. After a decade of hunger strikes and radical Budhist propaganda, Burma stripped the Rohingyas of citizenship in 1982”.

So, when a Muslim majority nation itself rejected the Rohingyas, why should India take in these elements?  If the population of Rohingyas increase in Jammu over the years, then there is no chance for a nationalist party to win the election in the area.

  • Settling Rohingyas in Jammu is not only to change the demography but to also ensure that BJP is never elected in J&K again. Kashmiris are mad at Dogras for giving a huge mandate to a Hindu nationalist party. Rohingyas will soon get voting rights and avenge it all. Game over.

After Myanmar and India, even in Srilanka, regular classes have been erupting between the Rohingyas and the Buddhist monks. Buddhists are known as one of the peace-loving communities, but this peace-loving community cannot tolerate the Rohingyas. By this, one should assess how deadly are the Rohingyas.

Source: https://nation.com.pk/11-Jun-2015/pakistan-and-the-rohingyas

Hansika Raj


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