No, Not any other nation! It is India which has invented the theory of computer programming languages

Maharishi Panini , The father of computer programming language

It’s really sad that we Indians are so much influenced by the Western Culture that we have forgotten our roots. We have always believed that India has become advanced due to adoption of technologies from west. We always had shown our faith in the false theory propagated by the foreigners and underestimated ourselves. Whereas the reality is it is India, who is the creator and major contributor of all the inventions much before any other nation has brought up in front of world. It is India whose scientists, seers and saints possess such a vast amount of knowledge that they have even discovered the things much before the existence of these nations.

One such invention done by our great Indian scientist that has revolutionized the world is Computer Programming Languages (the languages on which computers run that has become an almost essential part of one’s life in today’s technological era). It is believed that the foreigners are creator of these languages when in reality it is completely false.

The computer programming language was invented by Scientist Maharishi Panini of India Centuries ago, Maharishi Panini was the ancient Sanskrit linguist and grammarian He was born in Salatura in Gandhara (present day Kandahar) in modern Afghanistan, on the banks of the river Indus.

His magnum opus PANINIYAM is a testimony of his genius work which none has been able to surpass. PANINIYAM is written in the form of sutras or aphorisms. There are 3996 aphorisms arranged in 8 (ASHTA) chapters (ADHYAHYA) and that is why PANINIYAM is popularly known as Ashtadhyayi. Panini`s Ashtadhyayi represents the first attempt in the history of the world to describe and analyse the components of a language on scientific lines. It has not only been universally acclaimed as the first and foremost specimen of descriptive grammar but has also been the chief source of inspiration for the linguist engaged in describing languages of different regions.

Many people have tried to imitate his work but didn’t succeed. Panini works were path breaking in both descriptive and generative linguistics. Panini was a forerunner of modern formal language widely used in modern computer languages. Though the Backus Normal Form was discovered by Joseph Backus in 1959, Panini’s notation not only has equivalent power but also many similar properties. Paninian grammars have also been devised for non-Sanskrit languages too. The Backus-Naur form (Panini-Backus form) or BNF grammars is used to describe modern programming languages which have significant similarities to Pāṇini’s grammar rules.

Today even NASA has also recognized that the simplest and most accurate language for computer programming is Sanskrit. NASA scientist Mr.Rick Briggs has discovered a connection between artificial intelligence and Panini grammar. In the world, Sanskrit is the only natural language, and all other languages are created by humans. The MLBD Newsletter (A monthly of Indological bibliography) in April 1993, has declared Maharishi Panini as the “first software man without hardware”. whose main title was “Sanskrit software for future hardware”.

It has been said in the newsletter that after trying for three decades to make natural language effective for computer programming, scientists realized that they have lost in the area of computer programming to India almost 2600 years ago. Although it can’t be said that how and where it was used at that time, computer scientists around the world still believe that in modern times, Sanskrit grammar is capable of solving all the problems of computers. Linguists around the world believe that no other grammar like Sanskrit so pure and scientific exists in the world itself.

Computation theory of the whole universe depends on the computer. The Maharishi Panini has written an entire cyclopaedia (Almost 500 BC) on the same Computation. During the creation of this Maharishi Panini used grammar Auxiliary symbols (Assistant symbols) and created his own symbols with the help of many suffixes and consequently, these are helpful in creating the grammar and made it strong. Panini has stored 4000 formulas of inflectional Sanskrit language in his grammar very scientifically and logically, which seem to be very useful for computer programming

Using the same technology the modern scientist Emil Post (February 11, 1897 – April 21, 1954) created entire computer programming languages of today’s. Even a university in the United States owes his contribution and has created a language on the name of Maharishi Panini.

In foreign universities, our mother tongue Sanskrit is taught . Our Vedas are respected. Our sages-seers are respected. But hardly anyone in India would have heard the name of Maharishi Panini. Almost all of us use computers today but nobody knows that the programming language used on these computers was invented by the scientist Maharishi Panini of our own country.

Even today we are so much trapped in the fancy western world that we are actually at par from our precious history and culture. We are blindfolded by the false claims and is passing the same to our coming generations. We need to be aware and should also make our coming generations aware of the power of India.

Source :JatLand