DIG Roopa victim of Lawless Karnataka; You can even run a shop within the prison after bribing the authority

Honesty can prove very dangerous if you are in Karnataka. Sasikala is making big news in Karnataka after DIG (Prison) D Roopa exposed the perks given to her. But what is disappointing is that, the person who has allegedly taken 2 crore bribe from Sasikala-Director General (Prisons) HN Satyanarayana Rao is still the prison in charge. Actually DG should have been sent on leave until the case is probed and truth is discovered.

But what has the Karnataka government done? It has punished DIG Roopa for exposing the truth. By this, one thing is clear that Sasikala has very powerful network and she even has support from the Karnataka Congress government.

The atrocities don’t end here. The prisoners who had complained to DIG Roopa about the perks given to Sasikala was physically attacked and transferred to other prisons. A prisoner is unable to even walk.

A prisoner can even set up a shop if police are bribed

In a recent sting operation, Public TV from Karnataka has revealed shocking information about the “Parappana Agrahara central prison”. If the prisoners pay certain amount to the jail authorities, then they can even set up a shop in the prison. Wow, the Congress government is encouraging “start-ups” in the prison. Even the trade is in full swing. Anyone can purchase and sell but you need to bribe the authorities.

So by looking at this, one can guess the powers given to top criminals. They can easily plan and execute any criminal activities while they are still within the prison.

If this is the freedom given to prisoners, why do we need prisons? By this, at least cops like DIG Roopa won’t be victims.

It is even said that top sitting ministers from Tamil Nadu along with their gang regularly visit Sasikala. For them there is no visiting hour as the criminal they are visiting has done crores of scams.

Nishika Ram