Digvijay Singh compares Indian military forces with terrorists, check how he got thrashed!

Yesterday, Digvijay Singh made a disgraceful comment against the Indian military after they tied a man to their vehicle to prevent stone pelting.

Many politicians from Congress, left and pseudo liberal gang came in support of terror groups which is going against the army. They have blamed the Army for violence in Kashmir but have remained mute against stone pelters.

Digvijay Singh who is known for his crap talk, has again shamed India by supporting the terror groups. He in a press conference yesterday, made a ridiculous comparison between the military and terrorists.

He said the citizens of Kashmir are being killed by terrorists on one side and on the other side the army is killing them brutally. This man should realise that Army never kills innocents or Indian citizens unless they are involved in anti National activities.

He should be ashamed for speaking such nonsense. As soon as the news spread on the social media, Paresh Rawal attacked Digvijay singh and blasted him. Following his tweets, the twitteratis jumped into action and lambasted Digvijay Singh for making such derogatory comments against the Indian army.

This is a routine tradition of the Congress party where few top leaders speak against the Army and Nation to appease their friends in Pakistan, but the leaders in the second line deny it. This way, they send two message that the top leadership supports stone pelters and the rest stand with India. This is not the first time Congress party is involving in such dubious acts. Even when the army killed Burhan Wani, many Congress top leaders supported him, while few people in the party denied it.

It is a well known fact that Congress has always supported these terror groups in the name of minority appeasement and vote bank politics.

They were in power for Kashmir for more than a decade and the result of their leadership is the violence and instability in the valley, what we see today. So even though Congress pretends to support the Army, internally they are always with the separatists and anti National forces.

Aishwarya S